7 Advantages of Travel Nursing

For nurses who thoroughly enjoy traveling, constantly meeting new people and the mental stimulation of working in different healthcare settings, working as a traveling nurse provides an excellent paying and stable career. Typically, traveling nurses accept assignments through a recruiter who helps find qualified candidates for temporary nursing positions in hospitals, emergency care centers and a variety of medical facilities.

In addition to traveling nurse assignments offering pay rates higher than permanent nursing positions, other benefits include:

1. Housing expenses are pre-paid for the duration of the assignment. Not only are traveling nurses making more money, they are saving money by not having to pay for their lodgings.

2. When not on a temporary assignment, traveling nurses are free to do whatever they want. In other words, these nurses are working and vacationing at the same time. With the ability to choose assignments, traveling nurses can double as tourists visiting their favorite destinations during their downtime.

3. Flexibility and the feeling of being in control of your life–because traveling nurses receive higher than average wages, they can work an assignment, take a month off, pick up another assignment and take another few weeks to relax. This freedom to choose when and where you want to work is irresistable to many nurses who begin working as a traveling nurse and never return to accepting permanent positions.

4. Some assignments offer substantial bonuses, up to $1500 in some cases. However, not all assignments provides bonuses and bonus amounts will vary among assignments.

5. Many traveling nurse agencies will pay all or part of the cost of obtaining a nursing license so that nurses can work in multiple states.

6. Learning opportunities are endless–working in different health facilities and being exposed to an eclectic variety of ideas, techniques and technologies is a great way to expand medical knowledge.

7. Nurses with specialized healthcare experience will find no shortage of assignments in their area of expertise–critical care, labor and delivery, operating room, BMT and oncology and emergency room nurses are always in demand in all regions of the U.S.

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