Travel Nurses Gather In Vegas, Baby!

Last weekend we had the pleasure and the honor of participating in the first ever trade event targeted exclusively for travel nurses and medical professionals. Formally titled the Travel Medical Professional Convention, the event was held at the Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday, September 13 and Sunday, September 14.

Frankly, we did not know what to expect from this gathering since it was organized, not by a centralized group or committee, but by individual nurses residing in different parts of the U.S. Trade shows are notoriously challenging to pull together, even for experienced professionals, never mind by a geographically scattered group of individuals whose expertise is usually demonstrated in a hospital room, not a board room. Travel arrangements, budgets, meals, event logistics, presentation schedules, etc. are time consuming and rarely come together flawlessly.

Considering these facts, it is all the more impressive that the first ever Travel Medical Professionals Convention was considered by everyone that we spoke with to be a huge success! The event was attended by 150 travelers and there were 18 exhibitors also in attendance. The agenda was filled with presentations by experts providing information about everything from tax advice to traveling by RV to and from assignments. Travel nurses and other medical travelers were able to meet with a variety of travel nurse agencies and discuss potential assignments and everyone in attendance was able to meet new friends and share the common bond of traveling from state to state and city to city while providing expert medical care.

Not to mention that the convention was in Las Vegas! During our down time we were able to see a lot of the sites (and there are a lot odf sites to see), eat some great food and lose more money than we ever intended to lose.

But we had a lot of fun!


We would like to recognize Pennie Gomez, one of the principal organizers of the event, who kept us informed and responded quickly and positively to all of our requests. Pennie did a fantastic job and should be applauded by all for her efforts.

The team from Travel Nurse Source will definitely be in attendance at the 2009 TMPC. We hope to see you there.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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