A Rant Against the “Nursing Culture”

nurse overtimeBrowsing through the nursing forums I came upon this tirade posted in the allnurses.com forum. Apparently, this nurse has had it up to…well, some high part of his anatomy and just takes off on what he perceives as the abuse of nurses by a system that mandates work rules at the expense (literally) of the nurse on duty. The author of this post sees the older generation of nurses as out of touch with their own profession and as facilitators of abuses that are considered SOP by many in the health care industry.

The main complaint is forced overtime without pay. Is anyone else experiencing this on a regular basis. One of the benefits of being a travel nurse is that the requirements are (or should be) contractually defined and being forced to work without pay would be reported immediately. But what about staff nurses? Are they slaves to the system? No options? No formal system to report problems or concerns?

Read this post and give us your feedback. Would this be tolerated by a travel nurse? Should this be tolerated by any nurse? What would you do in similar circumstances?

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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