Travel Nurse’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

Ah yes, with the start of the new year this past weekend, I’m sure everyone’s friends, families and coworkers are buzzing about their New Year’s resolutions; but let’s be real for a second, working out and eating better have been done and done again, so why not consider changing up your resolutions this year and promise yourself to fulfill new, exciting and more career-oriented resolutions? Don’t get me wrong, working out, eating right, better sleeping habits – they’re all great practices, but your busy, travel nurse work schedule can make them difficult. Well, here’s a viable list of resolutions we think all travel nurses can benefit from this year:

1. Take an assignment simply because it’s a place you’d like to visit, not because the pay is better, or you’ll be receiving incomparable benefits. It’s tempting when one area or agency is offering higher wages and other benefits, but this year, promise yourself you’ll take on a travel nurse assignment just because it’s a place you’ve always wanted to go, or even a place you already love. After all, it’s the ‘travel’ in travel nurse that probably made you pursue this career path in the first place.

2. When you visit a new city, be all there. All too often we get wrapped up in our busy, hectic and exhausting schedules, and we forget why we took on a career as a travel nurse in the first place. On your next assignment, promise yourself that you are going to try to get to know your new, temporary home, no matter how long you’re there. Introduce yourself to local people (whether they’re people you work with or not) and try out a native bar/restaurant for dinner one night. The more you familiarize yourself with this temporary city, the more it’ll feel like a temporary home.


3. Get to know new people; no… like reaaaally get to know them. It may sound super cliché, but vow to yourself that during this assignment, you’re going to build lasting relationships – whether this is romantic, or simply new friendships. Try meeting new people at places other than work, just to add some diversity. After all, always being in a new place can get pretty lonesome; real relationships can help brighten up your days.

4. Take on a short assignment and head to a place you find uninteresting… and prepare to be amazed. I mean have you ever seen pictures of Wyoming? It’s freakin’ beautiful… who knew! Not to mention you’ll see some of the coolest wildlife (see below). Anyway, some of the places you think of as boring or dull may just be a hidden gem. You never know what you’ll find in a new area!


5. Everyone likes buying new things, right? – Whether it’s clothes, shoes, books, or whatever you’re into. Instead of buying these things on an impulse or all at once, try creating a travel wish list. Of course, you’ll need the necessities as you go, but if you find yourself wanting something a little more unique, like a new purse or jewelry, put it on your travel wish list. I mean, there’s nothing like a new, trendy purse from San Francisco, or picking up authentic Native American jewelry from an assignment in Oklahoma. Creating a travel wish list will ensure that all of your material things hold meaning, and remembrance.

So this year, say adios to all the overdone resolutions that don’t even last until the end of the month, and promise yourself something that you’ll stick to!

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