Don’t Let Traveling Kick Your Habits. App Helps Travel Nurses Find Local Gyms.

Travelers looking for a workout could turn to an app that directs them to the nearest gym.

The iPhone app, which launched on May 1st, allows travel nurses to book discount day passes to a diverse selection of gyms with just two taps on their phone for as little as $5.

A survey of 500 business travelers in the United States showed that most try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, and just under half use the hotel gym to keep in shape, according to an American Express Global Business Travel. Granted, most hotels have gym access but they are usually limited to a few treadmills usually lined up along an enclosed, dark basement wall with just a few small free weights available for you– not very appealing. According to Kevin Bracken, the brains behind the new Gymsurfing application, the goal is to help travelers avoid hotel gyms, which can discourage those passing through from keeping up with their workout routines.

Trouble finding a gym near your location?

You may be mobile and quite possibly forced to change a few of your custom daily routines however, more recently introduced Apps are making it easy to keep your workout routines in tact. Gymsurfing, a new app, helps to  provide you with nearby gym access at ease.

“I travel constantly, and the most annoying part of traveling is finding a gym,” said Kevin Bracken, “if your home gym isn’t near your hotel or Airbnb, you could pay as much as $35 for a single day pass. If your trip is longer than that, you were out of luck until now.” The app allows you to sort your results according to location and/or pricing.

Gymsurfing helps travelers book single day passes to professional gyms with their smartphones, without needing to plan ahead, according to the creator.

Don’t settle for less.

This new app makes it easy to find a gym that provides exactly the type of atmosphere you are looking for while you workout.

When opened, the app provides a list of the nearest gyms to you and the prices of their day pass along with other offers they may be promoting. Other offers that may be shown are classes the gym offers and what time they are held.  The gyms that are available through the app range from corporate-style with state-of-the-art equipment to old-school body building and family-style establishments, where the day passes cost between $5 to $20. Similar iPhone apps include OmFinder, which helps users find nearby yoga classes, and GymPoints to find U.S. gyms that provide one-time day passes and drop-in classes for activities such as martial arts classes or Pilates.

Not only can you see what facilities are available in your current area, but you are also able to see a variety of the amenities that they offer, such as the type of equipment they have, and whether the gym has access to swimming pools, saunas, or spas.

Gymsurfing provides hassle free check-ins for whatever gym you choose to go to. The app provides you with the hours that the gym is open, how far it is from your exact location, and find you the greatest price deal for a day pass.

On your way to any of the following?

Since this app is new, not all locations on the map are available at this time. Thus far in its production, the Gymsurfing app features passes for gyms in the following cities: San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami and Toronto. More cities will be added accordingly in the near future.

The application is only available for Apple users as of right now, but it will be available for Android phones and other devices soon.

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