Best Places To Find Nursing Scholarships

It sounds like a simple task, right? Nursing scholarship opportunities should be filling your mailbox and arriving in your lap on a daily basis. Well, sadly this isn’t the case more often than not. In fact, it can be a little tricky to find financial aid so you can continue your career helping others. Funding your education is never easy. If you can qualify for a scholarship, however, you might be able to ease the financial burden of your higher education. Pre-licensure nursing students can find a wide variety of scholarships to help cover the cost of earning an ADN or BSN to qualify for initial licensure. All it takes is a little persistence, and knowing where to look to ensure that you have the best chance to find nursing scholarships. Below are just a few options that should be considered. The process of getting a nursing scholarship isn’t very complicated, you just have to know where to look.

Best Places to Find Nursing Scholarships

Nursing Schools

It sounds like a no-brainer but surprisingly many future nurses forget to look towards the nursing school they’re enrolled in for scholarship opportunities. Some Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) offer scholarships to help rural or disadvantaged students complete their nursing education. AHEC can also be a general scholarship resource — you may want to look up your local AHEC to see if they have links to outside scholarship or financial aid programs on their website. Take a look at the National AHEC website to find local AHECs around the country. Other options will include private scholarships that are donated by alumni or other university sponsors. Most schools will have a complete list of the scholarships offered on their website, and speaking with the financial aid office is another great way to find nursing scholarships.

discover nursing scholarships

There are a variety of ways to get financial aid, including scholarships!

Scholarship Databases

Another great way to find nursing scholarships is to take advantage of the various scholarship databases and search engines that will allow you to scan through literally thousands of potential scholarships so you can find the best ones for you. Websites like and Unigo will save you a lot of time and searching. “Rather than searching for each type of scholarship for which you feel qualified, specialized websites allow you to just answer a few questions and find hundreds of potential sources for free college money,” writes Kevin Ladd, COO and vice president of, on U.S. News & World Report. “Not only that, but you can save, organize and update your profile and search results, tracking which ones you plan to apply for, those you don’t, those you have applied for, etc.” Use these resources to your advantage so you can ensure you’re getting the most opportunities possible.

Job Boards and Healthcare Sites

There are many websites that help nurses find possible careers opportunities or job assignments, so it’s no surprise that many are unveiling scholarship opportunities to help future nurses even more. In fact, Travel Nurse Source recently released our very own scholarship that you can apply for today! Our scholarship looks to ease the financial burden of future nurses so they can focus less on the tuition and more on getting the proper education to join the healthcare profession. If you want to find nursing scholarships, start looking at companies that interact with nurses on a regular basis. Whether it’s a job board, nurse’s clothing company, or simply a healthcare provider.

There are a variety of different scholarship opportunities out there – you just need to look! We wish you a the best of luck in your nursing career and be sure to always use Travel Nurse Source as a resource. It’s time to start your exciting nursing career today!

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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