Brave Nurse Delivers Baby in Jersey Traffic

As if Jersey drivers (and the stress of bumper-to-bumper weekend beach traffic jams) weren’t enough….just imagine what would happen if you were facing a medical emergency. One couple trapped in Jersey Shore traffic just found out firsthand Saturday night…

Trevor Abbud, 23, said “I think we’re going to hit some traffic” as he drove his pregnant wife, Rose, to the hospital shortly after her water broke as she loaded their car at the Jersey Shore. And there was no Snookie or J-Woww there to help offer them any labor help.

As the young couple proceeded to make their way to the nearest hospital, it was made immediately apparent that they weren’t going to be able to make it as the become increasingly stranded within the crazy car pileup in Sea Bright, NJ. “I look over and I see her stomach, and now she’s screaming and stuff- she’s like in labor and I see her stomach, and it’s smaller,” Trevor said,”I’m like, that baby in not in her stomach anymore.”

The startled husband tried to tell his wife, Rose, to calm down. But, Rose couldn’t as she screamed about the baby coming. She proceeded to take off her pants and the couple begins to see the baby’s head. Unsure of how to handle the traumatizing endeavor, Trevor started to call 911 while frantically laying down the horn.

“What really freaked me out is I saw her eyes, I saw her whole head, but she wasn’t crying, and I started freaking out. I didn’t think she was alive,” adds Trevor.

However, this couple ended up luckier than most for the car in front of them had not only a trauma nurse named Sarah Wood and Lauren Kammerer, an EMT. They heard the commotion coming from the Abbud’s vehicle and immediately ran over to help.

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“Her head and her shoulders were already out by the time that we got there, so it was literally like ‘okay, you ready to push?’, and she did,” says Kammerer.

Apparently the father of the baby was screaming until realizing that both his wife and new baby were both perfectly fine. Then, he began hugging everyone in a pure moment of joy.


(Photo courtesy of Trevor Abbud).

“It couldn’t have been a better moment,” Kammerer said. “It really was awesome to see the baby and (hear) the first cry. It was amazing,” Kammerer added.

The baby was born healthy and was named Bella Rose. It is the couple’s second child; they also have an 18 month year old.

“These people saved the day,” Abbud said to a local newspaper. “It was crazy. She was born in the passenger’s seat of my car.”


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