Celebrating 50 Years As A Nurse. (Not a Traveling Nurse)

Maybe I’m just a sucker for “feel good” stories but the way things are today, we could all use a dose of positive news.

Marilyn Evenson, a nurse in Stanley, ND, has worked at the same facility as an RN for 50 years. She makes some observations about the way things have changed over time and it doesn’t leave you with the sense that things are better, just more complex.

Fifty years is a long time to do anything and nursing is one of the more challenging professions in which to make a nearly lifelong commitment. There was something almost comforting about Ms. Evenson spending her entire career in one place.

I couldn’t help but compare the restless spirit of a travel nurse to the contented attitude of this nurse. How different we all are. One type of nurse yearns for new experiences, new acquaintances, new horizons. The other nurse is satisfied with her place in the local health community, ministering to friends, family and neighbors. Both do a fine job but have different needs for their career and their life.

Fifty years as a nurse should be admired and applauded. So should the diversity and commitment of the nursing community.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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