COVID-19 Discounts for Nurses You Can Benefit From NOW

COVID-19 Discounts for Nurses You Can Benefit From NOW

It’s tough being a nurse right now. You’re either burnt out taking care of COVID-19 patients or you’re sitting at home furloughed because your specialty services were shut down. Maybe you’re under strict regulations and pressure in a long-term care facility, taking care of the most vulnerable population in our country. Regardless of your personal experience, businesses throughout the United States are pulling together to say thank you to nurses – wherever they are or whatever their struggle might be. Here’s a list of COVID-19 discounts for nurses!

COVID-19 Discounts for Nurses

COVID-19 discounts for nurses

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First, keep in mind that the deals are changing all the time. Some companies are taking some down while others are adding them. Therefore, before you go to buy, rent, or book anything, have no shame. Make sure you ask if there are any special deals for nurses! You just never know what someone might over you – and after all, you deserve it! Here are just a few areas where you may be able to receive a discount.

Travel and Lodging

From hotels to Airbnb, many lodging options were and some still are offering discounts for travel nurses who need a place to stay during the pandemic. Nurses traveling to crisis areas dealt with a slew of struggles that ranged from people not wanting to rent to them for fear of being exposed themselves to places being closed due to nationwide shutdowns. However, a handful of chains have and are still offering discounts.

In addition to lodging, other travel-related companies like trains, buses, and popular airlines are offering special rates for nurses as well. Since these rates changed depending on destination and timing, it’s best to ask ahead of time to see if you can get any special discount as a travel nurse.

Some travel companies that are stepping up to the plate for traveling nurses include Delta Airlines, Greyhound, Marriott Hotels, Uber, and JetBlue, just to name a few.

National Food Chains

Many national food chains were offering and are still offering discounts to first responders and nurses who are considered working on the “frontline.” Places such as Starbucks, Tropical Smoothie Café, and Krispy Kreme have gone as far as offering discounts to delivering food to hospitals when workers are too busy to run out for what they need.

Medical Wear and Equipment

Some places that sell medical items such as scrubs, masks, and other PPE equipment are offering discounts to healthcare workers, as there is a known shortage of supplies across the country. In addition to masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and scrubs, you can also find discounts on a range of other attire such as jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, and luggage.

Additional Services

There are additional services you may need where you can get a discount, like roadside assistance or your cell phone provider. Check out companies such as AAA, Hertz Cars, Samsung, Sprint, or AT&T to see what deals they are offering to nurses.

Local Grassroots Efforts

One movement that we recently supported, #MealsForMeds, invests in both the restaurant industry and healthcare workers. To support healthcare workers who are unable to leave in the middle of long shifts for food and such, #MealsForMeds raises funds to buy food from restaurants and have it delivered to hospitals. The program is a partnership between TravelCon and Fusion, two big-name companies in the travel nurse industry. You can learn more about their efforts during the pandemic here:

What are some COVID-19 discounts for nurses you have enjoyed or seen in your local communities? Share your positive stories with us in the comments below!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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