Debunking 7 Nursing Scholarship Myths

For some reason, so many people get stubborn when confronted with the option of applying for scholarships. Maybe it’s because they’re lazy and don’t want to do the work, or because they just don’t think they’ll ever win. There are a lot of myths surrounding scholarships, and nursing scholarships are no exception. Nursing scholarship myths can probably be found in every aspiring nurse or nursing student’s mind. Many revolve around how scholarships are judged. I’m here to help expose some nursing scholarship myths.

7 Nursing Scholarship Myths

1. Nursing scholarships are only for low-income students

Not all of them. There are certainly nursing scholarships that are need-based, but there are many others that are merit-based or based on other criteria. Some don’t even look at your family’s income. Even if you don’t qualify for federal aid, you can still apply for funding through private scholarship programs.

2. It takes too much time and effort

“It takes too much time and effort.” That sounds like a nursing scholarship myth and complaint from someone who doesn’t want to work hard. Yes, searching and applying for scholarships can take a lot of time and effort. But, saving $500 – thousands of dollars isn’t worth it? I beg to differ. You’re basically getting free money if you win a scholarship. If you want to think of it as a “job,” we can do that. Say you spend 10 hours searching and applying for nursing scholarships, and you only win one worth $500. That’s $50 per hour that you’re “getting paid.” That seems worth it to me.

3. You have to be an honors student to win

Nope! This is one of the greatest nursing scholarship myths. While many scholarships have eligibility requirements of a minimum GPA, most don’t ask for a 4.0. For example, Travel Nurse Source’s Nursing Scholarship only requires that you have a 2.5 GPA. This is a very reasonable number that many students can achieve.

4. Too many people apply

Sure, tons of people apply for scholarships. But, tons of people don’t! Also, there are a lot of applicants that don’t take the time to read, follow directions, and answer the questions correctly. These applicants will automatically get thrown out. So, as long as you read the directions, answer the correct questions, and are eligible, you’ve probably already done more than other applicants.

5. Nursing scholarships go unclaimed

This is one of the nursing scholarship myths that can be hard to discredit. There are so many general scholarships and scholarships for nursing students that it’s hard to know for sure. Of course, there are most likely nursing scholarships out there that go unawarded. But, it’s also likely that it’s only a few here and there, not the majority.

6. You have to be a great essay writer

Even if you struggle with writing essays, you should not be discouraged from applying for nursing scholarships. This myth about nursing scholarships is very common since people don’t see the point in applying if they know they aren’t strong writers. Many judges care more about what you write than how you write. How well you write might have some weight, but following the instructions and addressing the questions will get you farther than someone who wrote eloquently and didn’t follow instructions. Plus, there are many tips for writing a nursing scholarship essay. Don’t forget to ask someone else to proofread if you’re unsure.

7. You can only be a high school student to apply

It’s good to start your search early, but lots of scholarships don’t focus on age. Most focus more on your acceptance or current enrollment as a nursing student, such as ours here at Travel Nurse Source. So, you don’t have to be a young student to win a scholarship. Many older adults go back to school for nursing, and there are plenty of scholarships for nursing school that they are still eligible for.

No matter your race, income level, GPA, or other factors, there’s a nursing scholarship out there for you. Don’t let these nursing scholarship myths keep you from searching and applying!

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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