Early Autumn Travel Essentials
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Early Autumn Travel Essentials

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Summer’s been a blast. I’ve hit the beach, rode my share of gut-wrenching roller coasters, and peeled some hardcore sunburn; but as September draws near, I can’t help to be pretty stoked for the up coming season. Personally, fall is my favorite time of the year. Apple picking, the vibrant leaves falling, all the good horror movies on TV and pumpkin spice lattes making their much-anticipated return to my daily rituals. But, as in every new season, there are different things we need to remember when we live the jet-set lifestyle. The following are some of my personal necessities I absolutely NEED in the autumn months and that any traveling nurse should be sure to keep with them at all times! Any smart traveler knows all the in’s and out’s of all the early autumn travel essentials.

What to wear, what to wear…

It’s all about layers. Be prepared for chilly mornings, warmer afternoons and brisk evenings. Early fall is so tricky for knowing the appropriate things to wear. Is it going to be cold on my morning commute? Do I want to really be stuck lugging around a heavy jacket at the airport when I get too warm? I know. Dressing for the temperature becomes quite the predicament.

Keep it light, but versatile. Windy fall days can make your teeth chatter, but wearing camisoles, wife-beaters or light tees layered underneath tops can add a level of cozy on-the-go! Ladies, bring a light linen infinity scarf that can brighten up your outfit and keep you warm without being too cumbersome to throw in your purse if need be. A beanie or slinky knit hat are great accessories for travelers in the fall as well. Plus, you can totally conceal a bad hair day while keeping your head warm. Win-win!

Be prepare with a cardigan or sweatshirt even on warm days just in case you need one later on. Light jackets that have lots of pockets are a great clothing staple to add to your wardrobe in later fall when the weather begins cooling down.

Bag it up. Men can carry bags, too! Check out L.L. Bean for some uni-sex tote bags that are perfect for keeping with you while traveling. Also for under $10 more, you can get your bag personally monogrammed so that it can’t possibly get mixed up in transit. A lightweight bag can help you can keep tickets, a water bottle, a light hoodie, phone charger, tablet and any other important things with you while on catching flights, trains–what have you. If totes aren’t your style, a trendy messenger bag is appropriate for both men and women.

Keep your skin prepped for cold weather…

In warmer weather, you may travel as more of a minimalist. But, when the wind gets colder in the early fall, its time to start thinking about keeping your skin hydrated. You’ve got to start bringing an SPF chapstick or lip balm with you to keep your lips kissable, not cracked. My favorite is Burt’s Bees because its natural, has SPF and leaves my lips feeling tingly and protected. Plus, even when the sun is out in the fall, you can still get sunburn on theold smoocherooney! Additionally, be sure to carry a travel size lotion at all times. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a scent-free variety.

Be ready to alleviate any fall allergies…

If you suffer from allergies during seasonal transitions, you’ve got to also keep yourself on your toes for any allergy flair ups. Make sure you are fully ready with tissues, eye drops, cough drops, decongestants, antihistamines, etc.

Kick off the early fall with the right shoes…

When traveling and walking around a lot, a comfortable pair of kicks is key. Also, in a nursing career, its crucial that your feet don’t end up with blisters or soreness from uncomfortable shoes. Both men and women can keep their feet feeling warm and comfy in a pair of moccasins or boat shoes. My personal favorite early fall shoes for comfort are definitely classic Minnetonkas–it makes me feel like I’m wearing slippers that are appropriate in public. When fall really gets going, ladies can wear comfortable brown leather or swede boots as long as they don’t have an uncomfortable heel. I adore my classic brown leather boots and they also keep my legs warm. Flats and tennis shoes are also nice to rock when you are being active on your journey.

Whether you’re a constantly flying off the seat of your pants or more of a complacent-type nurse, its always a must that you can make the smooth transition into the fall weather without any problems.

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