Fast Track for Nurses. Will Travel Nursing Be In Their Future?

In an effort to keep a supply of new nurses flowing into the medical system, California State University has introduced an accelerated BSN program. The program allows students with an existing Bachelor’s degree to earn a B.S. in Nursing in just 18 months. The program is full-time and it is intense. But someone looking for a career change can make it happen and become a degreed nurse in half the time it normally takes.

This is another example of the innovative ways to address the nursing shortage which is still an issue in CA and everywhere else. It also takes a special person with a real work ethic and a desire to succeed to make a commitment to a program like this. Hopefully, more schools will adopt this approach resulting in an expedited training program for qualified nurses. I’m sure that nurses coming out o0f this program will view travel nursing as a viable and profitable option once they gain adequate experience.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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