Feeling Sleepy? Here’s 5 Easy Ways to Sleep like a DREAM Tonight

Nurses know more than almost anyone how amazing it feels to hit the sheets after a long shift. Sadly, all that time running around can make it impossible to shut down enough to catch those so desperately sought-after 40 winks. Sleep deprivation can be devastating for both nurses and their patients. The last thing anyone wants is for anything bad to happen while on the floor. Moreover, nurses that get put on night shifts can have issues getting those cicadian rhythms in motion right and have tendency to start nodding off during the night.


Soak it Up

Taking a warm bubble bath or shower before bed can help you rewind after a long day. Plus, you’ll feel like you literally are washing the stress of the day away. Also, if you shower before you go to sleep then you won’t have to when you’re running late the following morning. One study even suggests that children and elderly are able to have a more relaxed and longer period of sleep after taking a bath. So grab those rubber duckies and have some tubby time before your snooze cruise and you’ll probably have a better slumber.

Bare it All

Sleeping in the nude has been said to help people get a better night’s rest. Why? Well apparently this way you are more able to regulate your comfort. Without clothes, nice sheets and pillows can keep our bodies feeling like Goldilocks—just right. However, if you feel more comfortable sleeping in your jammy jams, go for it. It’s all about finding the perfect balance for you.

Kill the Lights

Although some of us religiously pass out with Netflix still streaming, the ones who have a hard time sleeping should try to cut the lights a few hours before we plan on going to sleep. Also, put down that tablet. The lights and distraction from the devices will make it super difficult to be able to drift off.

Make Your Bedroom a Palace

Wanna sleep like royalty in that queen or king sized bed? Then make your bedroom feel like a palace by cleaning it before bed and by investing in nice bedding. If we spend an average of 20 years in bed during our lifetime, you can bet that I’m going to do it right. Also, wash your bedding weekly and make your bed everyday. Getting into a made bed in a tidy room makes falling asleep a lot easier.


A large reason why we struggle to fall asleep at night is because although in our hearts we want nothing more than to forget our troubles, our brain doesn’t seem to know when to quit. Stress-relieving exercises such as meditation can do wonders for pushing the daily worries to the side so that you can peacefully embark on your restful journey.


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