Five Benefits of Float Nurse Travel Jobs

Working as a traveling nurse already brings a wealth of new opportunities. For travelers who elect to work as float nurses, these possibilities greatly increase! Most of the time, travel nurses stick to their assigned facility and keep their shifts confined to one specific area of medicine. Employers expect that float nurses work in a variety of interrelated units, and even other closely-situated hospitals. While some find this to be too much to handle, the benefits of float nurse travel jobs can’t be overlooked!

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benefits of float nurse travel jobs

First off, there are some obvious challenges inherent to float nursing jobs. Mainly, your routine takes a little longer to settle down, if it does at all. This can make it difficult to get to know a new location and its staff as fast as expected. Basic things like knowing who to ask about timesheets or where certain equipment is held present some complications. Still, these challenges can give way to the benefits of float nurse travel jobs, making these assignments truly great experiences!

Five Benefits of Float Nurse Travel Jobs

1. Floating Pays Well

Working a floating travel nurse position requires a great deal of flexibility and adaptability. In hopes of offsetting the additional challenges and attracting the top professionals, employers offer higher pay rates for float positions. In some cases, floating can pay 15 percent more than average salary rates travelers usually encounter! For those seeking a monetary boost, the prospect of floating between facilities and different units can provide just that.

2. Your Experience Will Increase

If you’re planning on remaining a traveling nurse for years to come, the experience itself is another one of the significant benefits of float nurse travel jobs. In addition to working in several locations during one assignment, you may also cross over into specialties where you have less experience. Say you’re a med-surg nurse without a lot of time spent treating neuro or ortho patients — floating can easily change that! You’ll be pulled for shifts where flexibility and precision are equally valued, ultimately helping you build great new skills.

3. Floating Means More Opportunities

Right away, seeing “travel nurse” on a resume is pretty impressive. It shows you’ve spent time committed to the industry, gaining national perspectives in the process. Want to take that to the next level? It’s time to float! When employers see that you are comfortable floating between units and facilities, they’ll know your more clinically sound, extra adaptable, and better at communication. It’s really impossible not to have these qualities as a floating travel nurse! Additionally, this also means you’ll have more opportunities to meet other professionals, and find even more avenues to travel down in your career.

benefits of float nurse travel jobs

4. You’re Less Likely to Get Sent Home

It doesn’t happen all too often to begin with, however, you won’t likely find yourself sent home for a period of low hospital census. Another one of the key benefits of float nurse travel jobs is that professionals in these positions can count on working an assignment as long as intended. Most of the time, hospitals will know where your time can be better spent and adjust your routine accordingly. Again, getting called off is somewhat rare, although it’s definitely nice to know you won’t have to scramble to find your next assignment.

5. Floating Happens and You’ll Know the Drill!

While some nurses actively seek out floating positions, it’s plausible that you’ll float at some point or another in your career! No assignment will surprise you with this necessarily, however, the option may become available midway through a job. Being able to accept more responsibility once you’re comfortable is a great way to ease into a float position — complete with benefits one through four! Getting out of your comfort zone often leads to great new experiences and ways to expand your career.

What are some benefits of float nurse travel jobs you’ve encountered? Let us know in the comments below!

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