11 Essential Qualities and Attributes of a Nurse

Do you have what it takes to be a nurse? There are certain qualities and attributes of a nurse that make them stand out and be successful. Being a nurse is not an easy job, but at the end of the day, it’s a rewarding one for those who have the essential qualities. Check out these 11 things that set nurses apart!

Top Qualities and Attributes of Nurse

qualities and attributes of a nurse


Empathy is an important attribute for a nurse because it will make your ability to connect and care for your patients much easier. There’s nothing worse than being vulnerable and receiving care from someone who doesn’t seem to sympathize or understand what you are going through. Empathetic nurses are really important to the patient experience.

Detail Oriented

Nurses need to be detail oriented because one little error could be a huge deal for their patients. You have to read charts, manage medication, and then be able to communicate all of that to the next shift. Details are critical in healthcare.


Nurses should be gentle since they are caring for people when they are sick and vulnerable. If you are gentle and calm, it will help your patients to remain calmer as well.


Being accepting of all genders and races is very important when you work as a nurse. You want to be able to treat all patients, no matter what, with the same level of care.


It’s not easy being a nurse. Some days you are going to feel like you failed, and you are going to want to quit. The best nurses are determined and know that no matter what happens, they can keep going.


To be a successful nurse, you should have a love for learning. Nurses go through intense schooling and testing before they get licensed, and that learning should never end. Over time, to be successful, you are going to want to branch into different specialties and acquire various certifications.

Ideal Qualities and Attributes of a Nurse Who Travels

So, perhaps you’re already a nurse but not sure about whether or not you have what it takes to travel. Here are some qualities and attributes of a nurse who travels.


To be a travel nurse is to be adventurous. After all, you’ll likely be visiting a new place every 13 weeks. In order to get the most out of your travel experience, a sense of adventure is key. This will help you to experience each assignment location to its fullest potential.


Traveling also forces you to keep an open mind. You’ll be going to unique places all over the country where culture and traditions may be very different than your own. It’s important to be open-minded and embrace these different groups of people.


Being a travel nurse means being the “new person” pretty frequently. Confidence in your career, skillset, and likability will take you a long way in succeeding as a travel nurse. Each assignment you show up to, people are going to be looking at you to prove yourself, in a sense.


One of the most important qualities and attributes of being a travel nurse is adaptability. Your life will change frequently, so you have to be able to adjust easily to new situations.


If you are outgoing and personable, you’ll have a much easier time adjusting to travel nursing. One of the biggest benefits of traveling is the opportunity to meet new people all across the country. This is going to be so much easier if you have an outgoing personality.

Do you have the qualities and attributes to become a travel nurse? If the answer is yet, start browsing travel nurse jobs now!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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