How to Travel Nurse Efficiently | 5 Tips

Traveling nursing is one of the most flexible medical jobs out there. You can move from one state to the next with ease, all while doing something you’re truly passionate about! Although like most things, there are efficient ways to ensure each opportunity is bringing you the best financial and professional returns. Seasoned pros know all these tricks, but do you have a grasp on how to travel nurse efficiently? Keep reading and find out!

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How to travel nurse efficiently

Five Tips for How to Travel Nurse Efficiently

1. Have a Home Base

Although you’ll be traveling from state to state, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a personal living space. Yes, each assignment provides housing to a certain extent, but should something change or fall-through, having a home base is key. Even if you’re just staying with friends or family between assignments, saving money is a top priority. When planning how to travel nurse efficiently, utilizing a home base makes the next couple pointers even more possible.

2. Find a Travel Buddy

Whether they’re a  significant other or just a good friend, traveling with a buddy is another method of how to travel nurse efficiently. Having someone else to assist in traveling, plotting a route, and just existing on the same wavelength is a great way to have support on the road. Furthermore, nurses traveling in pairs can work out agreements for a higher payout. For example, one nurse can take the housing while the other can receive a higher stipend to split. Both nurses can stay in the same location and continue making great pay!

3. Find your Own Insurance

Although agencies have great insurance for each assignment they provide, finding your own insurance is sometimes a better option. If you plan on finding jobs with other agencies or even decide to stop working with recruiters altogether, then having a steady form of insurance is important. If you constantly hop from agency to agency and have to continually cancel and acquire insurance for each one such a cycle can be tiring and distracting. Of course, find the best option that will keep you making a great salary but consider whether this allows you to travel nurse more efficiently.

how to travel nurse efficiently

4. Plot Your Transportation

This is one of the essentials of how to travel nurse efficiently. Hopefully, each assignment you take is part of a larger plan for where all of your future assignments are. For instance, if you know you want to travel to warmer areas as winter rolls around, try traveling from someplace like Maine, to Massachusetts, New York, and eventually Florida. This way you’ll be able to sweep down the east coast without backtracking too much when the weather gets colder. Also, be mindful of what public transportation options are available in each city and whether you will need your own personal car at all!

5. Set up Your Taxes

Considering that taxes are a large part of how to travel nurse efficiently, seeking professional services is recommended. Hinging on the first point, having a tax home makes it so travel nurses can qualify to receive tax-free stipends. This makes it so you aren’t incurring any duplicate expenses and are abiding by the laws of each state you travel to. If you do travel to different states relatively often, consider how your permanent residence is affecting your ability to profit!

Again, travel nursing provides an amazing way to see the country and expand one’s skills. Making sure to travel nurse efficiently keeps professionals doing what they love and making the money they need to! What tips do you have for travel nurses? Let us know in the comments below!

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