International Travel Nursing Intrigue

phillipine travel nurseThe ongoing nursing shortage has proved a boon for travel nurses but continues to stress the budgets of many health care institutions. One potential solution to the ongoing shortage of nurses, according to some hospital human resource representatives, is to relocate nurses from other countries to the United States.

Some nursing advocates state that this is compromising the care provided to patients by lowering the standard of care. Others say that it is absolutely necessary to continue to provide even adequate care.

This post at kristine’s Corner, a nursing blog, tackles the question and presents some interesting quotes from industry insiders including one that claims there is no nursing shortage in Massachusetts.

Check this post out here and let us know what you think.

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  2. I’m in US Army nurse Corp. Will seperate from Army SEP 2008. Intresting in treavel nursing.
    Able to work ED, ICU, PACU, and any Med/Surg area. Please Contack me ASAP.
    Do you have oversea assignment also? I would love to go to Europe or Middle East….

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