Top Five Jobs for Nurses Outside the Hospital

Did travel nursing give you a case of wanderlust that isn’t cured by the constant 13-week change up? Are you just plain sick and tired of transferring from hospital to hospital? If that’s the case, no worries! There are also travel jobs for nurses outside the hospital available. From working with children at a school to jumping aboard a cruise ship to care for vacationers, you can find all kinds of fun ways to be a nurse in an untraditional setting. Here at TravelNurseSource we compiled a list of the top five jobs for nurses outside the hospital that are available on our website right now! Check it out.

Five Jobs for Nurses Outside the Hospital Listed on TravelNurseSource

jobs for nurses outside the hospital


1. Cruise Ship Nurse

Take your nursing career offshore and become a cruise ship nurse. Imagine getting to travel by sea from port to port taking care of people when they’re on vacation. You know you will see it all, from those who are seasick to those who are booze sick. If you’re good with people and enjoy a livelier group, consider working as a cruise ship nurse. Plus, in your off time, you get to be on vacation too!

2. Home Health Nurse

Home health nurses actually get to go into people’s homes and take care of them where they are most comfortable. This is one of the more unique jobs for nurses outside the hospital. Often times home health nurses are used by hospice organizations, so this job can be very personal and challenging. You’ll be caring for someone at home, which is nice for them, but you’ll also be seeing them at their most vulnerable. Home health nursing positions are ideal for someone who can connect with people easily and has a calming personality.

3. Occupational Nurse

Think about how busy people in the business world are. It’s sometimes difficult to drive across town to visit the doctor when you have many meetings scheduled throughout the day. This is why many corporations are now using occupational nurses. Occupational nurses actually set up shop within a company and care for that company’s employees. From people suffering from a common cold to someone getting injured in the office, the occupational nurse, with additional staff members, can help get corporate employees the care they need right on site!

4. School Nurse

If you’re passionate about taking care of children, one of the best jobs for nurses outside the hospital is to work as a school nurse. All schools need nurses, from elementary to even sometimes the university level. This will give you the opportunity to break free from the hospital while still practicing as a nurse. You’ll likely get to build more personal relationships with your patients and fill an important role in their educational experience. The best part is you can decide what age group you want to work with!

5. Flight Nurse

jobs for nurses outside the hospital

The sky is the limit when it comes to jobs for nurses outside the hospital! Ok, I know that was cheesy, but seriously. If you don’t want to work in a hospital setting and you aren’t afraid of heights, consider working as a flight nurse. This is a great transition for someone who’s currently working as an ER nurse but wants to change it up a bit. As a flight nurse, you’ll take care of patients in the air. Often times, you’ll work with a medical team picking patients up at the scene of a crash or transporting them from small, community hospitals to larger medical centers. This enables patients to get the treatment that they need as quickly as possible, starting in the air.

Are you working as a nurse outside of the hospital? Share your favorite nontraditional nursing positions in the comments below!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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  1. What about Nurse Care coordinator? That is a job outside hospital settings

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