Nurse Job Forecast: Overcast Outlook or Sunny Skies?

Once upon a time there were bountiful jobs in the education field. Little boys and girls in America went to school to pursue jobs in education. But, as more and more bachelor-degree equipped grads flocked to jobs; they began requiring additional training such as particular training in a specialty of education to teach. Now, teaching is no longer the once desirable industry to study in a four-year school that it once was. Unfortunately, nursing is beginning to follow  similar pattern.

One of the reasons nursing is such a wonderful workforce to joining right now, is the ongoing nursing shortage that has made nursing one of the most popular fields of study for college kids in recent years. In fact, according to the Princeton Review, nursing is the 3rd most popular major for college students. Healthcare is a field that can never be outsourced and people will always demand the service, but yet medical school is expensive and difficult. Therefore, going for nursing degrees is a practical profession even during a recession.

But, as more people are filling the little, white nursing shoes and older nurses are staying in the field longer instead of retiring; where will the future of nursing be? Will we ultimately end up with too many qualified staff, but not enough positions? Or, will the job openings continue to increase as our population grows? It’s hard to tell if the job outlook for nurses will be just sunny skies or become a bit more cloudy. So the debate lives on for the topic of the nurse job forecast.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), by 2020 we should expect employment of nurses to increase by 19%. This is more than for most occupations (which is only 14%.) But, as in the trend that happened with teaching, it looks like a future may be weary for job outlook. Already, we have seen LPNs be pushed out of hospitals to be filled by a combination of more and less qualified individuals. We have seen

So if healthcare shifts and competition grows fierce, what can you do to keep an edge? One thing I would suggest is exploring specialties in preventative medicine. Our society is now shifting into a preventative and wellness revolution. And, with help from the Affordable Care Acts push of these health measures, more people have benefits that allow them to receive this care.

Outpatient and long-term care in addition to other nontraditional nurse settings are becoming more sought after, too. So as institution policies get more strict and nurses postpone retirement, its important to get creative. Innovation is the key to a whole new world of nursing. However, these kind of positions do not allow much room for advancement in the field. RNs have the luxury of being able to choose to receive more training in order to obtain advanced degrees or specializations. Jobs like nurse anesthetists, for example, make an more than $150,00 on average annually.

Additionally, travel nursing jobs are a great way to secure temp0rary positions while traveling….even in competitive job markets. Plus, recruiters can keep your employment constant as you get to explore as many locations as you choose. Travel nursing is one of the best ways to control your career (and on average, earn more than nurses who aren’t in travel slots.) If you are a registered nurse looking for employment assignments in exciting places all over the country, you can apply within a few brief minutes right on the Travel Nurse Source page. Find opportunities perfect for your lifestyle today and live happily ever after!

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