Why Nursing Scholarships Matter

Paying for any type of higher education can be a pricey burden to bear. There are books to buy, room and board costs if you live on campus, lab fees, medical equipment, scrubs and entertainment fees (if you ever plan on having fun in-between studying). Nursing school can be quite expensive, but nursing scholarships are a great way to earn money to help pay your way.

There are so many benefits in applying for nursing scholarships that don’t just apply to funding your education. Scholarships also offer recognition to you and your hard work that many colleges and even employers see. So before you tell yourself not to apply because “someone better will get it,” take a step back and look at why nursing scholarships matter.

What are Nursing Scholarships?

Like most scholarships, nursing scholarships are a form of financial aid offered to students paying for higher education. Like grants, scholarships do not have to be repaid and go straight toward tuition or things like books and housing. Unlike grants, however, scholarships are not “need-based,” making them a more prestigious asset to your college career.

Nursing scholarships can also assist in paying for your license. Once you have figured out how much the total cost of tuition and licensure fees are together, you should begin looking at the different types of nursing scholarships you can apply for.

Different Types of Nursing Scholarships

Finding the right nursing scholarships can be a strenuous task. There is (and should be) a lot of reading involved. Knowing exactly what each scholarship can offer you and how to get it is important to your success in earning this financial aid.

Location-Based Scholarships

 As you would expect, these nursing scholarships are based on location. Sometimes there are in-state scholarships awarded if you are a student attending college nearby. Theses scholarships are awarded whether you attend a nursing program in a private or public institution. There is also no limit to how many location-based scholarships you can apply to.

Military Scholarships

 The military offers free education for students, which is why many join this elite force. Nursing students shouldn’t feel excluded from this. If you are already a member or are considering joining the armed forces, and you are considering a career in nursing, the military offers some wonderful nursing scholarships. One of the most popular military nursing scholarships offered is the Air Force ROTC.

Federal-Based Scholarships

Scholarships given by the federal government are often some of the best financial aid programs to apply for. These types of scholarships can be based on financial need, chosen major or other criteria and can often help pay for the entire cost of tuition. The criteria and amount distributed to applicants are determined through FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

 Unique Scholarships

Unique scholarships are some great financial aid prospects to apply for. While the amount may not always be very high, anything counts; and this type of scholarships typically depends solely on you and your uniqueness. One of the most popular and unusual unique scholarships is awarded for being left-handed. Others include knowing a specific hobby like duck calling. Take a step back and really think about what you’re good at (other than nursing of course), and find a scholarship that fits your individuality.

Eligibility for Nursing Scholarships

Obviously, if you are going to be attending nursing school, you can apply for nursing scholarships. That being said, every nursing scholarship out there is going to be different. Each will have its own set of rules, requirements, and criteria and they must be met in order to apply. Some may require an extensive essay and some may be as simple as filling out a survey. Whatever the list of requirement consists of, read each list carefully. This isn’t a situation where skipping and checking the “I agree to the rules and regulations,” tab is an option. Plus, who wants to write a 10,000-word essay just to get to the end and realize you don’t even qualify?

Finding Nursing Scholarships

I probably don’t need to say this, but the Internet is your best friend. You can’t believe everything it says, but it has some great stuff waiting for you. Research different nursing websites to find submission details about scholarships being offered. Also, look up and contact different nursing schools to see what they offer. Sometimes getting on the phone and contacting the college itself will give you brownie points with admissions.

Why You Should Apply

As mentioned earlier, scholarships offer great financial benefits. And, you should never be discouraged to apply simply because you think you won’t get it. Throughout life, you’re going to face so many successes and failures, not getting one specific scholarship is not going to matter 30 years down the road. You move on and keep applying. Unless money is no issue for you and your family, applying for scholarships is one of your best options to get FREE MONEY for school. Who would want to miss out on an opportunity like that?

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