Nursing Technology: How Technology Has Changed Healthcare

Could you imagine what nursing was like before the invention of the computer? What about pagers? The implementation of nursing technology has changed the way nurses perform their duties and will continue to alter how they work in the future. The use of efficient electronics in healthcare has reduced errors, cut down on paperwork, and significantly improved patient satisfaction.nursing technology

Nursing Technology Advancements

Here are four examples of new nursing technology that have revolutionized the field:

Point-of-Care Technology

Point-of-Care technology consists of advanced devices and systems that help healthcare professionals monitor and care for patients more efficiently. This technology provides instant access to medical records from anywhere in the hospital, replacing the old method of file-keeping. The data accessed through these systems can be anything from a patient’s current medications and allergies to reports from other healthcare professionals such as physical therapists and psychiatrists. Computer and software companies continue to perfect point-of-care devices to help nurses create and modify their care plans with ease.

Wireless Communication Systems

While efficient communication systems are vital to any productive workplace, they are especially crucial in hospitals. Medical personnel need to communicate with each other quickly and clearly in order to avoid mix-ups and save lives. Advanced communication systems have replaced paging systems by allowing health care teams to send text messages, speak, and even receive patient alarms through their smartphones. There are also many apps for smartphones that provide on-the-go access to the latest medical research and information. High-tech communication badges and headsets are also an example of nursing technology that reduces response times by melding phones and pagers together.

Wireless communication systems like these are continuing to get smarter as times goes on. In addition to fostering interpersonal communication between staff members, many of these updated systems also have the ability to communicate with sensors and other equipment to report patient data, automatically route calls to specific personnel, and alert health care professionals during emergencies. Hospital work is very time-sensitive, and modern communication systems continue to help nurses do their jobs more quickly and efficiently.

Real-time location systems

Searching for equipment, patients, and medications is a waste of valuable time. Hospitals are starting to integrate real-time location systems (RTLS) into their wireless communication systems to help combat these frustrating situations. Indoor positioning systems can immediately locate items in seconds by embedding chips or codes into medical equipment. Real-time location systems have also been implanted in wearable technology such as wristbands and badges. Nurses can set electronic borders that trigger alarms whenever a mentally ill or physically contagious patient wanders beyond them, which prevents injury or further contamination within the hospital. Being able to locate patients quickly also reduces delays and increases patient satisfaction as a result.

Smart TVs

Televisions are not just for entertaining patients anymore. Smart TVs with patient engagement systems can be used to distribute condition-specific information such as upcoming treatments, required medications, and post-discharge care instructions. This interactive format delivers the information straight to the patient, helping them become more educated about their health status and how to manage it. Patients can also report pain levels and other problems to medical personnel through their TVs, which are connected to the hospital’s smart wireless communication system. They can also make non-clinical requests for food or extra bedding. Nursing technology such as Smart TVs not only maximize efficiency but also increase patient satisfaction and engagement.

The role of nurses will continue to change with the introduction and improvement of new nursing technology. These advancements will help increase the health and safety of both nurses and patients under their care, as well.

Is there an example of a new nursing technology that we missed? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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