How to Make Part Time Travel Nursing Your Side Hustle

How to Make Part Time Travel Nursing Your Side Hustle

Let’s face it – we could all use a little extra cash. Am I right? As a nurse, you might work three days on, four days off, or something like that. This leaves you with a few extra days in your week to make some money on the side. While some of you may look to do something completely different from your full-time gig, others of you may want to consider part time travel nursing as your side hustle. Why not, right? You’re already a skilled nurse, so why not pick up a side gig doing what you do best. Check out our answers to some common questions people have about part time travel nursing.part time travel nursing


What is part time travel nursing?

Many people choose to travel nurse full time. This is where they move from assignment to assignment all over the country picking up consistent contracts throughout the year. However, part time travel nursing is also an option. For example, maybe you just want to do one assignment to try it out. Or maybe you want to keep your full-time job, but travel nurse at a neighboring hospital part time. All of these are options!

How long do travel nurse assignments typically last?

Travel nursing assignments typically last for 13 weeks. There is the possibility of extending your travel nurse contract if you really like the assignment. There are also times where you may get a shorter contract. It just depends on the hospital’s needs.

Can you stay close to home or how far do you have to travel?

You can stay close to home or travel far away – whatever you prefer. The thing to be aware of is, if you are travel nursing close enough to home that you can commute back and forth, you likely won’t qualify for additional stipends. For example, when your travel nurse assignment is within a certain mile radius of your house, you don’t qualify for housing money. In a situation like this, you’re not traveling outside of your tax home. Understanding this distance and what qualifies as your tax home is probably the most confusing part about travel nursing. To learn more, check out this video:

How much money can you make as a part time travel nurse?

Travel nurse pay is typically higher than a full-time nursing gig. There are many things that affect travel nurse pay such as the location, your specialty, the shift you are working, and the demand for travel nurses at the hospital. If you manage to travel nurse part time and get an assignment far enough away from home that you qualify for stipends, this also usually means additional money in your pocket.

What type of specialties need part time travel nurses?

There are travel nurse positions available in almost every specialty. Of course, some specialties are in higher demand than others. You typically need to have at least two years of experience in a specialty in order to land a travel nurse position.

How do you get started?

To get started as a travel nurse, the best thing you can do is to connect with a recruiter or agency. On our website, you can compare agencies and see which one offers the best benefits. You can also skim through the recruiters we work with and reach out to them, whichever you prefer. Your recruiter will be your lifeline as a travel nurse, so you want to look for someone who you connect with and can easily talk to. They will guide you through the entire process of getting started as a traveler.

Do you have any additional questions about part time travel nursing? Feel free to ask us in the comments below!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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