Scrubs! Do’s and Don’ts for Travel Nurses

If you’re an experienced travel nurse, you are probably quite familiar with scrub do’s and don’ts. For those just getting started, consider these helpful tips to keep about scrub attire when you’re working at various facilities.

  1. Keep it simple. There are scrub colors that are fairly common among healthcare facilities. If you decide to be a travel nurse, stock up on scrubs that come in basic colors ( i.e., green, blue, khaki, etc.). This way, you’re less likely to dent your wallet purchasing new scrubs for each assignment, especially if each facility has a uniform color code. Also remember the word functionality. What’s the use of cute scrub tops if they don’t have enough pockets?
  2. Mind those cardinal scrub rules!  No matter what, maintain your professional appearance. That means no visible underwear-lines, no tight-fitting scrubs and no extra low v-neck scrub tops. Enough said.
  3. Express yourself. Who says you have to sacrifice personality as a travel nurse? If you have a favorite pin or badge holder, make it a part of your uniform (badge included). These things help to tell a story of your career as a professional nurse, and they also help to take potential boredom away from standard uniform colors.
  4. Find your brand. Depending on your assignment location, it may be difficult to locate a scrub store near you. If that’s the case, you could always stock up on your favorite scrub brands before you head to your assignment location. You could also order your scrubs online if you are very familiar with the brand’s sizing and coloring.

Do you have scrub tips or questions? Leave a comment!

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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