Shoo Away the Springtime Struggle: Allergy Season

The warm afternoon rainstorms, birds chirping, fresh leaves, and blossoming tulips in the garden. Yes, spring has officially sprung. But along with the pleasant picnic weather comes a less savory part of the season….the dreaded spring-time allergies. Ah, you can just feel it in the air. Literally. I mean; pollen, grass spores, and all those pesky airborne allergens floating all around. Travel nurses especially have a hard time overcoming the struggles of hay fever considering their active lives and being in a profession where the goal is to treat other people’s ailments.

We’ve all been there…especially the 17 million adult adults diagnosed with hay fever this year. Itchy dry eyes, making Claritin a main food group in your diet, and keeping an industrial-sized tissue box in our tote bags at all times. But, there’s hope for your springtime well-being yet! As a seasoned pollinosis sufferer myself; I’ve decided to lend some of my favorite ways to keep the allergies at bay in my hectic lifestyle. Here’s some tips all nurses should be adopt into their lives as the seasons change.

Easy Tips to Alleviate Allergies

  • Tip number one: schedule a check-up. If you haven’t already gone to an allergist and had a simple skin test to find the source of your reaction. As a child, I had one done and I discovered I was allergic to dandelions. The weeds I would blow on and make wishes with were the culprits of my pre-summer sickness. Once you find the source, sometimes it can help you know what is causing the issue.
  • Tip two: remember that spring allergies begin before the nice weather even arrives. Be ready! If you are someone who needs medications to treat severe allergies; you may need to start your regimen as early as even February.
  • Tip three: be aware of daily pollen counts. Maybe avoid spending a lot of time outside on days with high counts. I usually try to get my laundry done on days where I know I’m especially susceptible to  the irritation brought on by spring pollen. (And hey, my laundry needs to get done some time! Without allergies I may never get that task tackled.)
  • Tip four: do not sleep with the window open. I know its tempting when the weather is lovely and its nice waking up hearing birds chirping. But unless you really wanna wake up with a sore throat and a hardcore case of the sniffles, DON’T DO IT. In fact, don’t keep windows open in your house when pollens flying around. That’s like inviting your allergies to go nuts.
  • Tip five: make the most of those rainy days. Days that have more moisture and less wind are way better for allergy-sufferers. And, its a great chance for you to purchase a really hip raincoat.
  • Tip six: shower after being outside. It can’t hurt to wash off the nasty weed gunk from the air that might have gotten onto your skin, clothes or your hair during the day.

Other than that; keep stocked with a wide array of flavorful types of tea, be prepared with tissues, throat-soothing cough drops, and eye drops. And any allergy medicine that fits your needs most. Travel nurses know that traveling while suffering from irritated sinuses or allergies is not a walk in the park. So, steer clear of the springtime blues and enjoy the season.




Author: Travel Nurse Source

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