Squeeze Pods: A Travel Nurse’s Toiletries Treasure

Here’s the scene: in those dreaded airport security lines just holding your shoes when we realize our expensive lotion is too large and we have to throw it away. And we all know parting from our beloved products is such sweet sorrow. Or, we have to suffer through scrambling to purchase all new toiletries when we arrive at our destination just to avoid the whole mess with TSA at all costs. Also, leaky bottles can spill and destroy things in your luggage. One brand set out to eliminate those problems once and for good.

Squeeze Pods are toiletries that are light, small, and pass through even the most fine tooth airport-security comb. For travel nurses who are constantly jet-setting for new assignments, these little guys are the perfect little things to bring with you on flights at least until you get settled enough in your new destination to stop at the store.


The Travel Nurse Source Team was super excited to give these little pods a try and we reviewed the natural face cleanser, natural body wash, hair gel, natural shampoo & condition packs (sulfate free), natural toilet odor eliminator, natural shave cream, natural hand purifier and natural moisturizing lotion.

Here are some of our reviews:

Natural Facial Cleanser Review

“I loved my Squeeze Pod Natural Facial Cleanser. It made my skin feel clean and soft without the roughness of scrubbing beads. Unlike other face washes, the Squeeze Pod facial cleanser didn’t dry out my skin. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone with normal to dry skin!”- Emily M.


Natural Hand Cleanser Review

“The hand cleanser was a little hard to open-wish that the Squeeze Pod would have broke open a little easier, ended up having to use scissors. But, it has a nice clean smell and made my hands feel really smooth and clean. I wasn’t really sure what the ‘natural hand purifier’ was supposed to do, I’m assuming it’s similar to a hand sanitizer. May want to make that a little more clear on it’s packaging and maybe add some directions. Overall a nice product, however.” – Jillian A.

20150812_130916 Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Review

“I have really long and thick hair so I’m usually pretty picky about my hair products. I did, however, really like that the shampoos and conditions are natural and sulfate-free. As for the Squeeze Pods, the item itself was difficult to open— especially with wet hands in the shower. Also, when I used it, I realized a little was going to have to go a long way because I usually use a lot more than came in the pod. But after I used the shampoo and conditioner then blow-dried my hair, it looked voluminous and silky. In fact, I didn’t even have to bother straightening my hair even that day.” -Caroline H.


Natural Body Wash Review

“I really enjoy the concept of travel pods. For me, I’ve had some pretty traumatizing experiences going through airport security. One time, they even thought my expensive powder makeup was explosives and made me throw it away!  The body wash made me feel clean and revitalized. Definitely recommend these for travelers.” -Madison S.

Natural Hair Gel

“I take my hair game seriously so I was a little apprehensive about trying a new product. However, for a convenient and single-use item, it did it’s job and my hair still looked pretty good.” -Steve O.


Overall, we all enjoyed the products because they’re super small so easily can fit in pockets and purses. Each quarter-size packet was relatively easy to open, didn’t leak, and was very lightweight. Plus, all the products are natural without harmful chemicals or preservatives. Plus, we’re all animal lovers so we are happy that the products are certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA. Traveling nurses and healthcare professionals definitely should check these out!


For more information on Squeeze Pods, head here.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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