Taking Care of You: Wellness Tips for Travel Nurses

Travel nursing has plenty of stress that goes along with the job. Frequent packing, traveling and adapting alone can wear down the healthiest travel nurse. It can be hard to maintain physical fitness and overall wellness while working as a travel nurse. Here are some tips on maintaining optimal health during your assignments.

Keep it simple. It may take some time to find the perfect running trail or yoga class when you first arrive to a new city. In the meantime, there are great exercises you can do in your apartment. Until you’re able to find a great gym, try squats, light weights and other great stationary exercises to maintain your mojo.

Keep drinking water. You probably are well aware of the importance of drinking water, so consider this a gentle reminder. It’s easy to forget to drink to adequate amounts of water when you’re unpacking and settling in. Water is great for flushing your system of toxins, but it will also help your body adjust to new climates/altitudes if necessary.

Rest/De-stress. The first 1-2 weeks of your assignment can be most hectic as you’re settling in. Get as much rest as possible to allow your body to recover from travel and adjust to time changes. Stretching, deep breathing and journaling are great de-stressors. Do what works for you to relieve tension.

Don’t overdo it on quick meals. Eating out is a great perk to being a travel nurse. It’s an awesome experience to try great restaurants when you get a new city. But even though you’re traveling, your body still wants/needs a healthy diet. A lack of energy could be a sign of overindulgence on eating out and a need for a more balanced diet.

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