The Advantage of an Online BSN Degree

Moving From an RN to a BSN

The medical profession is in a state of constant change. New information and technologies appear on almost a daily basis and the healthcare industry is having a difficult time staying in sync with all these advancements. RNs have been the backbone of the nursing industry for years, but the need for additional education to fill management and business roles has never been greater. Nurses who choose to enroll in online BSN programs are not only increasing their medical knowledge, they are immersing themselves in leadership training as well as a solid liberal arts education. A degree opens new doors within the healthcare industry. Patients may not know the difference between an RN and a BSN, but in terms of educational advancement and employment opportunities there’s a huge difference.

In order to enroll in an online BSN program, a nurse needs an associate degree in nursing from an accredited National League of Nursing school and the nurse should have character references from reliable sources like work supervisors or teachers.

Is an online BSN or MSN worth it?

Nurses who work full time and have family responsibilities may find it hard to pursue a BSN or an MSN; there are only so many hours in a day, but the benefits of enrolling in a BSN or MSN program are well worth the inconvenience. The great part of online study is you do have flexibility in terms of time. A self-paced online program is designed for nurses who have family responsibilities and other personal commitments. The rewards of earning a BSN degree can increase dramatically if an RN is interested in business or management.

RNs certainly perform a great service and can enjoy a long-term career without thinking about a BSN, but for any nurse who is interested in a leadership position within the nursing profession a BSN is a must. Head nurses, assistant directors, directors and other management positions require a BSN. Nurses with a BSN can pursue a career in research, teaching and consulting, just to name a few. They can focus on business and manage a pharmaceutical company, a private clinic or an insurance company. Some nurses with a BSN degree manage home health clinics as well as other healthcare service related businesses. Nurses who earn a degree increase career opportunities, which results in better benefits and compensation. It’s hard to put a price on the personal satisfaction a BSN or MSN degree gives every nurse who earns one.

What’s involved with online BSN programs?

Online programs can be self paced programs where the nurse studies at a pace that fits into an existing schedule or they can be structured like a traditional classroom where there is a specific start and end date. Most nurses like the self pace option for obvious reasons; time is a valuable commodity for everyone and flexibility is important tool in managing time.

The online classes are designed to be simple. A nurse logs on to the online study website with a password and then checks the latest posts that show lecture material for specific subject matter. Bulletin boards are available so the nurse can post questions and comments about the material and can interact with other nurses who are studying the same material. The instructor usually schedules a personal one-on-one chat session at certain times so each nurse is able to discuss issues and ask questions. There is a deadline established for the course work and when it’s complete it is sent to the instructor by email. The clinical work is done at local hospitals who host visiting instructors or have staff nurses who act as instructors. Most of the time a nurse can complete the clinical part of the course where they work.

Is it easy to find a BSN or MSN online program?

A recent study indicated that there are almost 700 RN to BSN programs online. There are hundreds of MSN programs as well. Most healthcare facilities offer some sort of tuition reimbursement for nurses who are pursuing advanced degrees, which is an additional incentive to further education credentials. When all the options are considered earning a BSN or a MSN is an excellent choice for an RN who wants to continue to advance in the research, business or management aspects of the healthcare industry.  For additional information on a nursing education online visit, your online guide to a nursing job or travel nursing jobs.

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