The American Nurses Association Honored 11 Nurses


Each year, the American Nurses Association (ANA) honors nurses that are making an impact and providing great contributions to the nursing field. This year, nine nurses’ accomplishments were recognized and they will be receiving honorary awards, while two others will be inducted into the Nursing Hall of Fame.

“It is important to honor the unwavering commitment of nurses who are transforming healthcare,” said Dr. Pamela Cipriano, president of the American Nurses Association. Here are the 11 nurses that are being recognized this year.

Nurses Inducted into the Hall of Fame

The first Hall of Fame award was given out by the American Nurses Association in 1976, and it’s given to nurses to recognize their commitment to the healthcare field. This year, the ANA honored two nurses, welcoming them into the Nursing Hall of Fame.

Patricia Messmer, PhD, RN, Florida Nurses Association: Dr. Patricia Messmer is a consultant for nursing research and education at the Benjamin Leon School of Nursing, and has been a part of the American Nurses Association for more than forty years. Messmer is also one of the only nurses to ever receive a Smithsonian Medal.

Muriel Poulin, EdD, RN, ANA-Maine: Dr. Muriel Poulin is recognized for her international accomplishments in nursing. Poulin has served as the director of nursing at the Damascus General Hospital in Syria, as well as assistant hospital administrator at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Costa Rica.

Nurses Receiving Honorary Awards

These nine nurses were nominated and individually chosen for specifics awards by the American Nurses Association directors.

Karen Bankston, PhD, MSN: The Mary Mahoney Award – This award recognizes significant contributions to integration within nursing.

Rose Constantino, PhD, RN: The Jessie M. Scott Award – This award recognizes a nurse whose accomplishments in practice, education, and/or research demonstrate their significance for the improvement of nursing and health care.

John Lowe, PhD, RN: The Luther Christman Award – This is awarded to a man who has made a significant contribution to the field of nursing.

Barbara Warren, PhD, RN: The Hildegard Peplau Award – Focused on the psychiatric aspects of nursing, this award is given to a nurse whose made life-long contributions to nursing in the form of policy development and clinical practice.

Patricia Ford-Roegner, BSN, MSN, RN: The Barbara Thompson Curtis Award – This is awarded to a nurse who has made significant contributions to nursing and health policy through political and legislative activity.

Judith Huntington, MN, RN: The Distinguished Membership Award – This award recognizes leaderships and contributions to the American Nurses Association’s mission.

Rebecca Patton, MSN, RN: The Honorary Recognition Award – This award recognizes distinguished service to the profession and contributions of national or international significance.

Jacqlyn Sanchez, MSN, RN: The Staff Nurse Patient Advocacy AwardThis is awarded to a nurse for providing direct patient care in all practice settings.

Gloria Dobies, BSN, RN: The Honorary Nursing Practice Award – This is awarded to a nurse who was recognized by peers for their advancement of nursing through strength of character, commitment and competence.

All of these nurses have contributed great things to nursing and will be recognized on June 23, 2016, prior to the American Nurses Association Membership Assembly.

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