The Hidden Benefits of the RN to BSN Transition

Think back to those wonderful years at nursing school. Cramming for exams with coffee and anxiety as your only source of energy. Or maybe you played the exciting game of “who has a mental breakdown first, the nursing students or the psych patients.” It’s no surprise that just the mere mention of school sends shivers up your spine. However, a rise in RN to BSN programs have allowed thousands of nursing students to further their education and they’ve even discovered a few benefits you might not have realized.

Connecting with nurses all over – With both financial and time constraints, many RN’s are looking for a way to continue working while still having the opportunity to earn a degree. Online programs like Chamberlain College of Nursing offer programs that are flexible and will connect you with RN’s and BSN’s across the globe. Joyce Ellis, a nurse of 40 years decided to pursue a BSN at Chamberlain when she had trouble finding work, “I had thought, ‘I will just get this piece of paper and I’m not going to learn anything new. I’ve been a nurse for 40 years,’” she said. “I learned so much. I learned so many things. I found that when I went to meetings at work, I even used language that I had never used before and that helped me stand out.”

The transition from RN to BSN can be smooth if done correctly

Rediscover that love of learning – Many RN’s who opt to go back to school will find that they missed the learning environment of a classroom. Learning new and interesting techniques and programs can reignite not just a passion for learning, but a passion for helping others as well. With the right professors and support system, going through another schooling program can produce an inspired and well-equipped BSN. In the January 2007 Journal of Advanced Nursing, a study on the “Impact of Hospital Nursing Care on 30-day Mortality for Acute Medical Patients” found that BSN-prepared nurses have a positive impact on lowering mortality rates. Not only do BSN students have a renewed sense of learning, they put that learning to use in the field.

Become tech savvy – Whether your taking classes at a University or online, you’ll most likely be using some technology that might not have been around when you got your RN degree. Online programs will allow you to become familiar with a variety of online programs as well as communicating with nurses and professors across the globe. Most online programs will have a 24/7 help desk so don’t be discouraged if you initially have trouble with some of the technology.

Bond with the kids – It often ends up the case that your children will be going through school at the same time you will be. Hosting “study parties” are a great way to bond with kids while getting the jump on studying. Learning together with the help of family members will make studying less stressful and will create a relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

These are just a few of the many benefits that embarking on the RN to BSN journey will entail. This option will reignite your passion for nursing while furthering your education and hopefully land you a stellar job.


Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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