The Long-Term Implications of Shortsightedness

see no evilHere is a great example of what I have been talking about regarding the nursing shortage. The author of this article in a Michigan newspaper points out how clueless lawmakers in his state are about the implications of the continued nursing shortage. He points out the economic impact for hospitals and individuals and shows how a local college cannot afford to educate all of the applicants to their nursing program causing them to turn hundreds away.

The writer’s point? “We’re all aware of the problem simply by paying attention to the news. How come the politicians don’t get it?”

The answer? Because politicians no longer have vision. They are not strategists or planners but reactionaries. Why deal with tomorrow’s problems when we have so many to deal with today?

Why does it take a Katrina or a 9/11 or some other catastrophe to bring attention to serious problems?

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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