The REALEST Stuff Nurses Know to Be True

Nurses have some of the most interesting lines of work out there. I mean, we’re so immune to gross stuff that we could easily win any gross challenge on Fear Factor, we are able to stay awake and on our toes despite crazy demands, we are masters of time management, and we seriously have seen it all.

6 Things Nurses Know to Be True

You might gross out your dinner guests.

For those who aren’t accustomed to sharing a meal with a nurse, you may not what to ask us what our day at work was like at the dining table. That is, unless you want to totally destroy your appetite. You have to realize that we have strong stomachs that those who don’t share similar professions might make them a tad queasy…. In fact, some nurses out there should be careful not to talk to loudly about what happened at work that week or guests in nearby tables in the restaurant might have to ask for their check early.

You worry if your patient hasn’t urinated in a few hours yet you’ve been crossing your legs all shift.

It’s troublesome as caregivers seeing a patient not regularly peeing, yet you haven’t taken a trip to the lavatory in nearly 12 hours. Although, admittedly, it’s a kind of personal victory beating your own current hold-in record. We probably should find out if there’s a Guinness World Record for something like that…

When you hear the beeping of a backing up truck outside you jump into action.

Any “beep” noise that comes into your ear-range gets created with a flustered move to want to see whose alarm is going off—-even when you’re not at work. Alarm clocks can have similar effects when you’re in deep sleep and you start to dream that you are on the floor, even in the comfort of your own bed.

You can’t help but want to assess your own bowel movements or urine.

Or, if you have kids that forget to flush, you do the same thing to theirs. Oh yeah and you will sneak an extra peak at your dog’s little messes as well.  Nurses are creatures of habit and old habits die hard… matter how gross they are.

You’ve become your family and friend’s personal health expert.

You just KNOW when your in-laws are just going to bombard you with questions about their health until the cows come home when you see them on holidays. But, you love them and will help them as much as you can about their paranoid illnesses they probably don’t have. Like I’m sorry Great Aunt Bertha but I do NOT want to hear you ask me if your huge bunions on your feet are okay at the Thanksgiving feast.

Even the worst code browns won’t deter you from thinking about what you want to eat for lunch.

Hey, it’s just a part of the job. But, you still think about that great leftover pad thai you’re planning to devour the next spare moment you get. I mean, if seeing gross stuff killed your appetite, nurses would all look like concentration camp victims.




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