Things Nurses are Thankful For this Thanksgiving

Thank goodness for us, nurses. (I mean, come on—we’re the heroes of the hospital!) But, what are nurses thankful for? As Thanksgiving draws near, let’s put some of our attention on the things that LPNs and RNs feel blessed to have in our lives and careers.

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Learning from others.

The lessons that nurses learn about friendship, love and life can’t be taught at college.

When a person gets admitted to your care, it’s not just the patient that shares with you personal parts of their lives. Patients and their families open up to nurses and really shine some light on raw emotions in a way that seldom gets seen. Their intensity and vulnerability really makes me realize how lucky nurses are to be able to enrich their time on earth by seeing such real acts of emotion, hearing such amazing stories and simply learning how to be a better nurse…and person.

Being able to teach others.

Not only are nurses blessed to learn from the people they encounter on the job– but they also are able to pass on knowledge and help other people’s lives flourish. As a nurse, you wear many hats. You are a caregiver, a listener and an educator. You can inspire others to live healthier lives through providing expertise and educating—or just simple tips and advice.

Being able to make people smile.

Although being a nurse sometimes involves more tearing-jerking than knee-slapping, when you get an opportunity to bring a smile to someones face…it all seems to be worth it. Just knowing that your contribution to that one person’s quality of life at a hard time can be enough to make you excited to get out of bed each morning.

Sharing the journey.

There’s something indescribable about walking an individual through the initial stages of illness and seeing them through along the way on their road to recovery. Even if you touch someone’s life for just a moment, it can leave a monumental impact on the person for a lifetime. Knowing that you guided someone through quite possibly the most difficult obstacle of their life is seriously the best feeling. Connecting with other people on that level is not something that you can do in most other professions.


What nurses have told Travel Nurse Source they’re thankful for on social media:

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To have an awesome place to work with an awesome team.”- Facebook user, Julie S.

Thankful for all the wonderful people I took care of. Many great memories. I remember all that great little gifts they sent me to say thank you.“-Facebook user, Ann M.

The up coming end to my travel contract… This place is nuts!” -Facebook user, Desiree B.

Just having a job.” -Facebook user, Carla L.

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