Tiny Homes for Travel Nurses

Travel nurse housing can be one of the main concerns of someone entering the field and the task of moving all of your stuff every few months or so can be intimidating. Moving around certainly has its perks if you like to travel, but it can be difficult for those who love to feel a sense of “home” everywhere they go. So, how can you combine the two? Tiny homes for travel nurses.

Why do people choose tiny homes?

Obviously, tiny homes are not for everyone, but there are many advantages for those who enjoy the lifestyle. Tiny homes for travel nurses might not have all of the same benefits, but we’ve found a few general reasons why people choose to invest in them.

Budget friendly

Tiny homes cost much less than traditional houses and even some apartments. You can design your own or buy one that’s already built. The typical range for a tiny house is around $20,000-50,000 depending on size and amenities/finishes. Some people are able to pay cash for them if they’ve saved up enough, but if that’s not the case, the loan payments are much smaller.

For travel nurse housing, you are usually offered a fully furnished apartment or condo through an agency, or a monthly stipend for rent if you choose to make your own arrangements. This means that you’re basically living for free, but are going to have to move your things from assignment to assignment.

Green living

Many people choose tiny homes to minimize their carbon footprint and live more efficiently. Since the house is smaller than other living spaces, less energy and resources are needed. You can choose to use solar or wind resources to provide power, but even if you choose to hook up to a power line, you’re using much less energy. The smaller appliances function more efficiently, and you’ll use less power to heat or cool the air.

Travel easily

One of the main reasons people even consider a tiny house is to be able to travel more easily. Many of us are tied down to a plot of land and can’t just pick up and go wherever we want. With a tiny house that’s built on wheels, all you have to do is hook it up to your vehicle and you’re ready to go. There’s no stress of packing up or forgetting something since you’re taking your home with you. You can certainly buy a plot of land if you’d like, but it’s not necessary.

Tiny homes for travel nurses?

Now that we’ve covered a few reasons that people want tiny homes, we should talk about tiny homes for travel nurses. Although there can be many benefits, there are also other things to consider before diving in.


As we said before, tiny homes are relatively inexpensive compared to other options. But as a travel nurse, you’re not someone with an ordinary profession or salary. Since housing is usually provided or paid for, investing in a tiny house might not be the best decision depending on your needs. But, if you value taking “home” with you or don’t want to pack up your stuff every few months, a tiny house might be worth it.


Where will you park your home? There are tons of different options for this, but it can be a huge obstacle. RV parks are popular destinations for tiny homes, but some places have regulations that must be met. If you can’t find anywhere to park your home, this could limit your job search. There’s also usually a fee to “rent” space at an RV park, so consider that as well. Although there are fees and regulations at RV parks, many tiny homeowners can find a place to park for free or a reduced cost through craigslist, Facebook, or through connections.

Lifestyle and Partners

If you know that you won’t last long in such a small space without going crazy, we don’t suggest investing in a tiny house. And, if you’re traveling with a friend or a partner, also consider that you won’t have too much alone time if you’re in tight quarters with them. With that being said, most tiny homeowners are more concerned with the outdoor living and adventure that’s possible. Tiny homes for travel nurses are great options if that’s the case for you and anyone else you might be traveling with.

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