Top Travel Nurse Locations | One Reason For Every State

We’ve been through this before. If you’ve read any of our blogs or taken a few minutes to peruse the thousands of awesome assignments we have to offer, you’d know that travel nursing allows you to work literally anywhere in the country. With that being said, we know that you’ve got your favorites. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work in sunny locations like Hawaii or California. Of course, you’d want to explore the Big Apple and all that the wonderful state of New York has to offer. However, we think it’s only fair that we show a little love to all 50 states. Below we’re going to highlight the top travel nurse locations while still giving love to every state with one reason why you should consider them for your next travel nurse location.

Top Travel Nurse Locations | One Reason For Every State


Thanks to the documentary “Muscle Shoals,” it’s no secret that Alabama knows how to do music. If you’re a music fan, this is the place to be!


While it might not be one of the top travel nurse locations you think of right away, Alaska is home to the wonderful Northern Lights. This sky phenomenon is something to behold for all visiting travel nurses.


Tired of getting your times mixed up during daylight savings? You’re in luck! Arizona doesn’t recognize daylight savings so you can be sure to sleep peacefully!


Fans of the beauty of nature will love checking out the Garvan Woodland Gardens. 210 acres of botanical gardens will have you spending endless weekends admiring the vegetation.


It’s no surprise this is one of the top travel nurse locations. It’s hard to pick just one awesome thing about it, but we’ll highlight the thousands of miles of coastline that you can soak up the sun on.


We won’t mention the other form of “rocky mountain high” you might be thinking of. Instead, you’ll want to hit the slopes at the various ski and snowboarding resorts!

top travel nurse locations


If you’re looking specifically for an Autumn destination, Connecticut is the place to be. With the foliage in full bloom, Connecticut becomes one of the most beautiful places to be during that time of year.


It might sound like a small perk, but Delaware has no sales tax! You’ll be thanking the state every time you go on a shopping spree.


Another one of the top travel nurse locations, Florida’s nightlife is often what attracts travel nurses the most. What better way to unwind after a long shift than to enjoy a night out with friends and coworkers?


One of the biggest selling points to become a travel nurse in Georgia is the friendly demeanor of its residents. The Peach State really brings the southern hospitality for all incoming travel nurses.


Need we say more? One of the top travel locations is the island chain of paradise. Enjoy fun in the sun while you’re making a killer wage as a travel nurse.


No, our selling point isn’t the potatoes. It’s actually the awesome rafting options that you’ll have available. Thrill-seekers will love the white-knuckle experience that the Idaho rivers will provide.


Did you know Illinois is home to the oldest public zoo? Not only that, but the Lincoln Park Zoo is free! Animal lovers will have a tough time leaving these exotic friends behind.


Indiana is a great place to travel nurse with children. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a great place to take your kids to explore, learn, and have fun!


Are you a movie buff that’s looking to travel? Well, you’re in luck! Stop by the actual Field of Dreams movie site. Play a game of catch where this award-winning movie was filmed.


Seeking a trip back to the Wild West? A visit to Boot Hill in Dodge City will transport you back in time as you stroll through saloons and try your hand at being a cowboy.


This isn’t just normal spelunking. How would you like to zipline through an entire cavern? The Louisville Mega Cavern allows you to do just that!


We know some of your travel nurses are foodies. Whether it’s some Cajun cookin’, southern BBQ, or other local flavor, we’re sure you’ll love all the food options in Louisiana.


Sometimes you just want some peace and quiet. This is exactly what you’ll get if you take an assignment in Maine. Settle down in the wilderness and enjoy some relaxation.


Those who want to enjoy the water without the sweltering heat might want to consider Maryland. Spend your afternoons on the bay while still enjoying manageable weather.


History fans will love spending time in Massachusetts. Whether it’s the site of the Boston Tea Party, or the venues of some iconic sports moments, Massachusetts could be the place for you.


If you’re looking for a piece of history you might want to consider stopping by the Ford Museum. This automobile giant provides a glimpse into the past with cars spanning over a century.


Shopaholics rejoice. It’s time to step foot in the largest mall in the U.S. The Mall of America has something for everyone, and if Minnesota is one of your top travel nurse locations, you’ll certainly want to stop in.


Looking for a unique ecosystem to explore? Mississippi is home to Alligators, Crawfish, and a handful of other interesting creatures that you won’t find everywhere.


Missouri is another great spot for those looking to kick back on the water. Lake of the Ozarks provides the serenity, sunshine, and activity that travel nurses will love.


Enjoy some of the natural beauty in Montana. Glacier National Park provides majestic sites that you simply won’t see anywhere else.


I’m a sucker for quirky landmarks, and I’m sure that you might be too! Carhenge is similar to Stonehenge except with, you guessed it, cars! This unique site is definitely work checking out.


Let’s go with the obvious one here. When it comes to top travel nurse locations, Las Vegas is a hub of nightlife that attracts all kinds of characters. There’d be no shortage of fun with an assignment here.

New Hampshire

Some travel nurses might prefer to partake in an adult beverage from time to time. New Hampshire has one of the most popular breweries in the country. The Anheuser-Busch brewery is a great place to visit!

New Jersey

There’s something special about an east coast beach. Checking out the Atlantic Ocean while kicking back in the sand is a great way to spend your free time as a travel nurse.

New Mexico

Let’s get the cheesy joke out of the way. A travel nurse assignment in New Mexico would be out of this world. While you can’t exactly access Area 51, there are still a ton of alien-related attractions to enjoy.

New York

The city that never sleeps is often one of the top travel nurse locations. Visit New York and enjoy the perks of staying in or near The Big Apple.

North Carolina

Travel nurses with a family will want to consider North Carolina. With zoos, aquariums, and museums galore, it’s a great place to bring everyone along to!

North Dakota

It sounds simple, but you might want to take a North Dakota assignment simply for the fresh air. With a lack of population, you can enjoy the quaint, breathable atmosphere of the state.


A duo of Hall of Fames highlights this potential travel nurse location. The Football Hall of Fame is great for pigskin fans, while the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame is great for rockers.


Although it stretches across nearly the entire country, Route 66 runs directly through Oklahoma. Filled with plenty of landmarks and sites to see, you might want to put the “travel” in travel nurse.


You might not think of Oregon when you think of waterfalls, but the state is actually home to a huge amount of waterfalls to enjoy.


Hankering for a cheesesteak? Stop by the City of Brotherly Love to enjoy the hometown favorite. There’s plenty of history and great cuisine here.

Rhode Island

This small but mighty state is home to some gorgeous coastlines that really highlight the best aspects of the New England area.

South Carolina

With 2,000-plus plantations, South Carolina highlights its natural beauty with fields of flowers and rows of ageless trees.

South Dakota

If you’re into Native American history, South Dakota is a great place to take a look back into the history of the land.


Often seen as the music capital of the U.S., Tennessee is the perfect place for travel nurses looking to check out some live music.


Whether it’s football, basketball, or baseball, Texans love their sports. If you’re a travel nurse looking to join a rabid fanbase, Texas is where it’s at.


Utah is home to some of the most magnificent sites in the country. What better way to enjoy them than to visit one of the many National Parks in the state.


One of the top travel nurse locations for snow lovers is Vermont. With the various ski and snow resorts, you’ll have no trouble finding someplace to relax in the wintertime.


It’s an odd combo, but what if there was a beach with horses on it. You’re in luck! Virginia has not just one, but TWO beaches where wild horses roam.


We’re not saying every travel nurse is a hipster, but if you’re looking for a place to settle down, drink coffee, and listen to indie music, Washington might be the place for you.

West Virginia

Mountains don’t need to be covered in snow for you to enjoy them. In fact, the rocky hills of West Virginia are great for hiking!


Foodies are going to love an assignment in Wisconsin. With artisanal and homemade cheeses everywhere, you’re going to have a full stomach during your entire time here.


It’s the great wide open out here, which means for you stargazing travel nurses, you’ll get a beautiful view of all kinds of constellations.

What state are you travel nursing in? Comment below!


Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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