Travel-Friendly Pets for Nurses | Which Are the Best?

Travel nursing is one of the most exciting ways to get out and explore the country! Rather than working in one location for your entire nursing career, these jobs provide unique professional experiences. But at the end of a long shift, just about everyone can enjoy a little non-human interaction via our own furry friend. There’s really no good reason that you can’t be a proud pet-parent and a travel nurse, but what pets make the best travel companions? Here we’ll explore some of the best travel-friendly pets for nurses and how you can keep your fur-baby content every step of the way!

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Travel-Friendly Pets for Nurses | Which Are the Best?

Although many people assume that being a travel nurse means living out of your suitcase, this just simply isn’t the case. When it comes to caring for another being like a pet, nurses do have options! Lots of travel nurse agencies realize the importance of travelers bringing their pets from one assignment to the next. The question is really over which travel-friendly pets for nurses are the best when it comes to assignments lasting varying lengths of time. Making sure that your pet is fully accommodated is what makes or breaks an assignment for animal lovers. Still, it’s important to meet each assignment halfway by choosing a travel-friendly pet in the first place…

If not already obvious, some pets make better travel companions than others. Let’s start with dogs:

Travel Nursing with Dogs

With 339 breeds currently recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, there are certainly many different options as far as canines go! Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments but luckily almost all of them are inexplicably affectionate toward their owners. Of course, bringing your Great Dane through airports isn’t likely to be as effortless as a tiny chihuahua or Pomeranian. When considering travel-friendly pets for nurses, small dogs can be the pick of the litter because they are easily transported and don’t require much space. Temporary housing situations rarely guarantee yard space or outdoor bathroom areas for your pooch, so be sure they don’t mind a quick car ride to the local dog park!

travel-friendly pets for nurses

When it comes to dogs, travel nurses can enjoy these positives about having dogs:

  • Make great walking and exploring companions
  • Provide an increased sense of security
  • Encourage you to stay active during your assignment
  • Always excited to see you when you get home

Of course, there can be some drawbacks as well:

  • May need help with their bathroom breaks during longer shifts
  • May bark in your absence
  • Need entertainment when you’re working
  • Landlords may have breed restrictions

Travel Nursing with Cats

So now that we’ve given dog-lovers their due, it’s time to talk to all our cat-people out there! While it’s easy to assume that dogs are the go-to choice for travel-friendly pets for nurses, cats can just as easily claim their spots during your assignment. Currently, there are 49 breeds of cats according to the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe). When it comes to travel, you rarely have to worry about size being an issue for most cat breeds, however, temperament is a different story. While dogs can be trained to stay calm during travel, cats don’t always have that behavioral luxury. Among the most travel-friendly cats are the Maine Coon and Ragdoll breeds, mostly given their docile nature. Nonetheless, veterinarians can prescribe sedatives and anti-anxiety meds for your feline if they do have to make the trip with you rather unwillingly…

travel-friendly pets for nurses

Some of the main benefits to traveling with cats include:

  • Independent and can be left alone for long periods of time
  • Typically very quiet
  • Don’t need exercise
  • Efficient with their elimination needs

And while these are some of the best features of having a cat, there is a flip side:

  • Typically terrible travelers and become highly stressed
  • Difficulty adjusting to new homes or locations
  • Can scratch furnishing found in your temporary housing

Finding ideal travel-friendly pets for nurses isn’t always easy. Just know the requirements of your next assignment’s housing and whether your schedule facilitates taking care of a furry friend. What’s your experience with bringing your pet on travel nurse assignments? Leave a comment below!

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