Put the Travel in Travel Nursing

Put the Travel in Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is heading in a new direction, which happens to be going towards your nearest airport. Travel nurse agencies are finally starting to take the traveling needs of the elderly and sick into consideration. If you took up travel nursing for the opportunity to travel, then here is your big break!

Nurse Travel Companion

TNS TravelsAmerica reports that 20% of domestic passengers are over the age of 65. And that number is expected to grow quickly. Coined as the silver tsunami, seniors are the fastest growing age group and they want to travel. People have been noticing this major opportunity, and have taken it upon themselves to create their own businesses to cater to these silver jet-setters.

Becoming a nurse travel companion

Becoming a nurse travel companion is the best way to see the world on the job.

Cindy L. Schaefer started Travel Care & Logistics in hopes of making travel possible for the aging population. As a registered nurse herself, she understands the importance of knowing the patient’s medical condition and needs in order to plan and create a comfortable trip. Just a few examples she provides are the blood sugar monitoring in diabetes patients and medications or methods to ease anxiety in dementia patients. “Our goal is to get all the information we need, plan carefully, and show the family their loved one is in good hands,” Ms. Schaefer said.

Where to sign up

This idea is not only seen in the U.S. but across the globe. As long as seniors have family members to visit, weddings to attend, and items on their bucket list to check off, the demand for nurse-assisted flights is real. Actually, so are assisted flights in general. Businesses like, Flying Companions in Atlanta offer those with limited mobility a chance to be partnered with a companion to help with the struggles of logistics, luggage, and TSA lines.

It’s hard to tell where and what businesses offer nurse travel companion services, as the idea is still fairly new. But if this is something you’d like to do, research travel nurse agencies to see if they offer companion services. You may just be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. What kind of license does a nurse need to be a travel companion?Does my current state license travel or do I need a special license for other states or countries?

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