Let’s Celebrate: October 10th is Travel Nurse Day 2014

Travel nurses are always there to bridge the gap in light of staffing needs and shortages. October 10th 2014 is the day designated to the flexible and spontaneous men and women of nursing that are not afraid to spice things up in their career! Let’s take a moment to thank the awesome travel nurses all around the U.S. (and world!) Let’s get together and celebrate Travel Nurse Day 2014!

Why We Love Travel Nurses

Travel nurses are fierce, hardworking, and adventurous. They have the talent and compassion to help out in hospitals that are desperately under-staffed while having the ability to feed their insatiable urge to explore! Travel nursing is ideal for smart individuals that know they actually earn more money than working in permanent positions, but also realize that if they find a location that complements their lifestyle that they can just as easily set-up camp there for the long-run. Travel nurses are smart cookies and fast on their feet. Travel nurses are social butterflies that have amazing personalities that vibrantly shine through many changing atmospheres.

Ways We Can Thank a Travel Nurse

  • If you’re working in a hospital with travel staff, be mindful of their circumstances. Traveling healthcare professionals may not know anyone in the area or have work-relationships with employees yet. Why not make a new friend that’s a travel nurse? Grab a bite together and learn from a new perspective.
  • If you see a travel nurse who is unsure about where things are, help them out! We all have been thrown into new places before so we all know how appreciative we can be when someone shows us the ropes or lends us a hand.
  • Recommend good local places. Anyone can use TripAdvisor or UrbanSpoon, but locals are the ones who really know the best joints in town.

So to celebrate Travel Nurse Source’s spectacular RNs that travel all around the country, we want to offer you some fun ideas on how to celebrate; even if you yourself are working in a location that is foreign to you.

Fun & Affordable Ways to Treat Yourself for Travel Nurse Day

  • Cook yourself a juicy steak and chase it down with a glass of red wine. (Of course if you don’t eat red meat, indulge in your favorite substitution meal.) Red wine is the healthiest alcoholic beverage to indulge in so if you’re making a toast, might as well make it in a body-positive way!
  • Explore a new museum! Add some more culture to your life on Travel Nurse Day and appreciate new muses you will keep with you for a lifetime.
  • Take an epic nap. And, if you aren’t scheduled to work, spend the afternoon in your pajamas–you deserve it. Have a lazy day if you choose!
  • Find a nearby nature retreat and spend time enjoying the fall foliage.
  • Find a recipe or DIY project on Pinterest and actually complete it for once. (Even if it doesn’t turn out as perfect as the picture.)

Wanna Join the Travel Nurse Movement?

If you feel that you too are ready to practice in a new location and earn spectacular benefits today, getting started could not be easier. All you need to do is browse the plethora of open positions by specialty and location right here.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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