Why You Should Try Travel Nursing in New Hampshire

Why You Should Try Travel Nursing in New Hampshire

When it comes to travel nursing, there are so many places to go that it can often be overwhelming to decide. Some states are very popular and get lots of applications, while other states in need of travel nurses are often overlooked. However, some of these states are overshadowed gems by the bigger states that surround them. An example: New Hampshire. Here are some reasons to consider travel nursing in New Hampshire.

Travel Nursing in New Hampshire | Job Availability

On our website, there are hundreds of job listings in New Hampshire for RNs, LPNs, and even CNAs who want to travel. The jobs range from long term care facilities to hospitals. Pay can vary depending on location, demand, license type, and specialty. Pay is typically negotiated between the agency and the healthcare facility, and then presented to you in your contract.

Things to Do While Travel Nursing in New Hampshire

travel nursing in New Hampshire

So, obviously the first reason to go to New Hampshire is for the jobs. The second reason is for yourself – there are plenty of things to enjoy in this North Eastern state when you have days off from work. Like most of the New England states, there is a lot of United States history in New Hampshire. Therefore, there are a lot of museums. If you are a history buff, here are some you can check out!

  • Wright Museum of World War II
  • Currier Museum of Art
  • Enfield Shaker Museum

More of an adventurer than a history browser? Don’t worry. There are lots of outdoor activities in this state as well from hiking and biking to air balloon rides and whale watching.

There are also several cool little shopping areas, many of which sell mostly local products.

  • Zeb’s General Store
  • Chutters
  • Tendercrop Farm

Oh, and of course we have to mention some food and drink! There are lots of wonderful wineries in New Hampshire, as well as breweries and distilleries. What’s to eat? Well, you’re in New England on the coast, so definitely try the lobster rolls, something sweet with maple syrup, and apples! There are ciders, wines, donuts… all things apple.

Unique Health Issues in New Hampshire

As a smaller state, New Hampshire health systems are ultra-focused on providing a community-based health approach. They know that their community struggles with things that most communities struggle with – tobacco use, asthma, obesity, accidental injuries, and heart disease. Yet, they are constantly looking for innovative ways to address these issues at a community level. As a travel nurse, you’ll have the opportunity to get in there and really get to make a difference in the lives of your patients.

Travel Nursing in New Hampshire During COVID-19

Of course, as of 2020, it is important to consider what impact COVID-19 is having on a community before you decide to travel to it. New Hampshire is a small state surrounded by some heavily populated states, like Massachusetts, as well as some not so populated states, such as Vermont. Fortunately for New Hampshire, it does not have a crazy high total COVID-19 case count like some of its neighboring states in the north east. This can be good or bad for travel nurses, depending what your priority is. If you are looking strictly for crisis jobs, New Hampshire might not be the place for you (right now). However, if you’re looking for a travel nurse assignment that is meaningful, less risky, and still offers competitive pay, consider travel nursing in New Hampshire.

Are you ready to go? Here’s how you can easily apply right on our website! Just enter some basic information, and agencies will contact you to get started.

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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