Travel Nurse Tips: Curing Holiday Blues

Let’s face it. It can be really hard to work during a holiday. You may be working, yet thinking of the family and fun time you’re missing. To add to that, travel nurses are many miles away from loved ones. Traveling back home may not be an option, depending on your assignment location. Don’t let holiday blues get in the way of a good time. There are many ways for travel nurses to enjoy themselves while working over the holidays. Here’s a few of our favorites.

  • What celebrations are happening near you? You can always venture to a potluck or tree lighting ceremony to brighten your spirits. If you’ve made new friends on your assignment, invite them over for a holiday party. If you’re lucky, a dinner invitation to a new friend’s house will come just as you start to ponder your holiday season plans.
  • Send gifts back home. Shopping for gifts for your loved ones is a great way to lift your spirits. Let them know you miss and love them by taking time to send presents to them.
  • Skype/video chat. This picture is definitely worth a thousand words. You don’t have to ignore that nagging question, “I wonder what they’re doing right now”?  You can see them and vice versa. If you have the time, chat with as many family members as you can. That should definitely brighten your day.
  • Enjoy the holiday with your patients. A lot of people need cheering up during the holiday season, especially hospital patients. Bring treats for the patients. Participate in the potluck (yes, there will be one). Dress up in your favorite holiday costume. Take some time to make your patients’ holiday special and it will probably be a special day for you too.

The most important advice we can give is for you to continue to do what you love during the holiday season. What were your favorite holiday activities back home? Wrapping presents? Baking? Decorating? Keep your traditions going. Especially because it is the holiday season, it’s important to bring a little of home with you!

If you have other ideas to help cure holiday blues, share them with us!

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