Travel Nurse “Transplanted.”

One can imagine a travel nurse assisting in a transplant. One can even imagine a travel nurse having a transplant. But you would think that a nurse having a transplant would have an organ transplant. And when you find out that nurse is having a hair transplant you would think that it is a male nurse addressing a balding problem. But in our never ending quest to find travel nurses in the news, we have learned of a travel nurse addressing a hair loss issue. But our nurse is a “she” and the hair loss is not on her head.

It is on her eyes.

You see, travel nurse Cherri Runde is losing the luster of her lashes and she is darn well doing something about it! She is having hair transplanted from the back of her head to her eyelids.

Read about this procedure in micro surgical detail here.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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