Travel Nurses Cross the Picket Line

A California hospital has recruited travel nurses to fill positions during an anticipated strike. This creates an interesting ethical dilemma for any travel nurse. When is it appropriate to step in and fill a position already occupied by another nurse?

As stated in this article about the strike and travel nurse replacements, there seems little animosity about the nurse replacements from the striking workers. However, I can’t believe that all nurses are so benevolent that there isn’t some resentment in this situation.

Do you think it is appropriate for travel nurses to fill these positions during a strike. Is this solidarity? Should patient care always come first regardless of an employment dispute?

Your opinions appreciated.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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  1. As a nurse walking the line for NO-takeaways in my 12′ incentive pay and my retiree health care, fighting for a competant lift team, and language to reinforce state staffing ratios….I don’t think it is appropriate for other fellow RN’s to replace me. Hospital management would HAVE to meet us at the table and negotiate honestly. I am a 30+ year veteran with my facility… Travelers are used as union-busters. They come here for the bucks, Calif. staffing ratios, and all-expense paid travel more than for patient care. If we lose what we have gained in California, you can bet you’ll NEVER get it anywhere else.

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