A Travel Nurse’s Holiday Wish List

The end-of-the-year holidays are quickly approaching and Santa better start saving money! Remember when you were little and the holidays were a glorious time of year when most of us got everything you wanted– Keyword being wanted because for quite some time now, I only ask for items I need (and they usually aren’t fun to play with, cute to wear or very luxurious). If you’re reasonably scatter-brained this time of year, like most of us, you may forget to ask your loved ones for some essentials & accessory “must haves.”

To ease a little bit of stress, and lighten the mood, we’ve compiled a list of some common “must haves” for travel nurses, like yourself. [Not in any particular order]

1. Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Water Bottle

This is the perfect water bottle for busy nurses! It has patented autoseal technology; no cap to remove. It’s convenient and small enough to hold with one hand, spill-and leak-proof! The coolest part about this 24 oz. water bottle is that it features a built-in compartment- store your ID, money, key and more!

You can purchase this water bottle, in blue or purple, on Amazon.

2. Reliable Laptop/Tablet

As a travel nurse, a huge part of your career is, well, traveling. While traveling, it’s extremely important to keep in touch with family and friends you won’t see while on assignment. It’s best to purchase a laptop/tablet that is WiFi compatible and has a lot of memory space.

For some good deals and options check out Best Buy.

3. GPS

Since you are traveling, usually through unfamiliar places, a GPS would be very helpful. Yes, your smart phone most likely has a “maps” app, but your phone may not always work while on the road, especially if you lose service.

You can find reliable GPS devices at Best Buy.

4. Credit Card (without high interest fees)

Traveling and charging go hand in hand. Lucky for you, you’ll most likely be getting reimbursed for certain spendings. However, that may take a little while so in the meantime you don’t want to be paying an arm and leg in interest.

For an idea of some low interest credit cards that come with some added benefits check out CompareCards.

5. AAA

Investing in AAA or another roadside assistance program could potentially save your sanity down the road (pun intended). The last thing you want is to get a flat tire, run out of gas or break down in the middle of the road on your way to work or another assignment, especially when you have all of your belongings packed throughout every inch of open space within your vehicle.

Learn more about a AAA membership HERE.

6. Stethoscopes

It’s unbelievable how easy it is to misplace these things. Having an extra pile of stethoscopes in your car, office, cubby or where ever could save your butt one day! If you have a stash already, then think about investing in some of these cool stethoscope covers to be sure nobody ‘accidentally’ takes yours!

Browse some cute covers on Pinterest!

7. Large Enough Car

Traveling every couple of months, or weeks depending on your assignments, can get frustrating especially if you don’t have the space in your car to easily pack all of your essential belongings. A decently sized car, preferable all-wheel drive for bad weather and lots of travel would be ideal. You may be able to find a great holiday deal on a versatile vehicle that allows you to put the seats down to make room for boxes and everything else from now until a little after the new year!

8. A Travel Buddy

Traveling on your own all of the time can get a bit lonely, however if you have a travel buddy you can ease this feeling. Your travel buddy can either be a loved one, friend or pet! Puppies and dogs may be a bit harder to maintain with your work hours, but it is feasible. Sharing your traveling experiences with a companion can make them even more exciting and enjoyable!


Whether you’re able to make it home for the holidays or not, this wish list is guaranteed to get you through any travel assignment and make your upcoming holiday worthwhile!

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