Travel Nurses on the Road

Road trips are an amazing part of life as a travel nurse. Though the preparation can be daunting, road trips provide the perfect combination of freedom, leisure, sightseeing and adventure. An awesome road trip is a travel nurse must! To make travel to your assignment all the more memorable, there a few essentials you will need.

  1. Good music: Time flies when you’re having fun and nothing says “good times” like a great playlist. Try some rock tunes for the open road, or some mellow tunes for scenic routes.
  2. Camera: When you’re on the open road, photo-ops are endless. Be prepared to pull over whenever a great picture presents itself! It’s a good idea to keep your camera where you can grab it quickly. In fact, many smartphones take great pictures in a snap. Once you’ve taken all of your pictures, create a photo journal to capture memories you made along the way.
  3. Companions: Be it family or friends, companionship turns tedious driving into spontaneous shopping, eating and sightseeing. Of course an extra bonus to road trip companions is having extra hands to help you unpack.
  4. Extra Time: It’s terribly constraining to spend all of your travel time completely focused on driving. A road trip is still a trip! Give yourself extra time to explore and sightsee. Dare to venture off the beaten path. Who says you can’t make a pit stop in Boston on your way to New York?

Some additional advice before heading out to your assignment is to schedule car maintenance before you depart. Also check the weather reports. It’s a good idea to bring  clothing for all types of weather. It sounds easy enough, but the weather can change drastically from state to state. Lastly, have fun! There are so many people who would love to be in your shoes. Relax, fill the tank and go make wonderful memories.

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