Travel Nursing and the Economy

“I am glad I’m in this business because during a bad economy you can always count on the food and healthcare industries.”

So said a friend of mine in management at a major food company. I wonder though… It is true that people have to eat and will continue to get sick but the fact of the matter is that they can choose to eat cheaper and be selective, in some case, in what they get treated for.

Given the critical shortage of nurses, it would seem unlikely that the economy would have a serious impact on the travel nursing industry. But word from some of our partner agencies is that many hospitals are experiencing a downturn in elective surgeries and census is down in many facilities.

According to discussions over at, it is a mixed bag. Some nurses are still being aggressively recruited and some are having a difficult time finding open positions. Certain areas of the country like Florida and California are tightening up while other areas are still staffing up.

What is your experience? Is the economy affecting the outlook for travel nurse employment? Let’s hear your feedback.

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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