Ditch the Urban Sprawl: Travel Nursing in Wyoming

Ditch the Urban Sprawl: Travel Nursing in Wyoming

Escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life and consider travel nursing in Wyoming! Visit the remote foothills of the Rocky Mountains while making a competitive wage in the career field that you love. Discover eclectic rodeos, recreational fun, delicious all-American steakhouses, and wagon rides. Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

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Travel Nursing in Wyoming

Immerse yourself in Wyoming’s natural beauty. The entire state is a plateau separated by several mountain ranges. Did you know there are 32 islands to explore? National Parks are kind of this state’s “thing,” too. But that’s not all! We did the research for you and break down the ultimate list of Wyoming attractions. Here are some of the state’s must-sees.

Top Nature Attractions:

  1. Yellowstone National Park – Home to Old Faithful, this is one of the most famous – if not the most famous – American park reserve in the entire country. And boy, is it beautiful. But hey, don’t take it from me. Live it! Browse RN openings in Wyoming today.
  2. Grand Teton National Park – The mountains are calling you. In Grand Teton National Park, you can explore over two hundred miles of trails. Decide how to plan your adventure, and the choice is totally up to you! Whether you want to go skiing or backpacking, there is so much to discover.
  3. Jackson Hole Ski Resort – The perfect destination for travel nurses who are also thrill-seekers. Fun fact – there are actually three different skiing and snowboarding resorts within the Jackson Hole Ski Resort. An amazing destination for beginners, intermediate-level skiers, and experts alike!
  4. Mystic Falls – This cascading waterfall in Yellowstone National Park will take your breath away. One of the major perks of travel nursing in Wyoming is soaking in all the scenic views. Plus, you’ll be able to snap incredible pictures and pose in front of unbelievable backdrops.
  5. Hot Springs Park – Travel nursing is a rewarding, yet stressful career.  Soothe your body and soul in the famous mineral hot springs. What better way to relax and set aside time for self-care? You’ll leave feeling peaceful and refreshed.

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Top Cultural & Historic Sites:

  1. Buffalo Bill Historical Center – After all that hiking and skiing, you’ll be ready to unwind. Be sure to stop by the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, formerly known as the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Take a leisurely stroll through the five museums and research library to check out art and artifacts of the American West.
  2. National Museum of Wildlife Art – But the impressive art collections don’t stop there. Drive down to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to check out the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Get lost in the wildlife art, and then trek the unique Sculpture Trail. Travel nurses of all ages will enjoy the unsurpassed scenic views this location has to offer!
  3. Cheyenne Frontier Days – Wyoming is known as the Cowboy State, so it’s no surprise that the rodeo is the official state sport! If you’re going to experience the rodeo, you have to check out Cheyenne Frontier Days. This outdoor rodeo festival is perhaps the largest in the world!
  4. Wyoming State Museum – There is a lot of ground to cover in the Wyoming State Museum. Located in Cheyenne, this institution incorporates the entire history of Wyoming. If you’re going to live in a new state for several months, you might as well familiarize yourself with the state’s background and culture.
  5. Fort Bridger – Travel nurses with a soft spot for history won’t want to miss Fort Bridger. That’s right, this historic location served as a supply stop along the Oregon Trail. As you can see, the quaint western state of Wyoming, with its many unique activities, has a lot to offer. You’ll never be bored as a travel nurse, and the world is out there waiting for you to discover it!

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Top 10 Hospitals:

Firstly, we showed you some of the best nature spots in Wyoming. Secondly, we recommended the top cultural and historic sites. Now, let’s get back to work. Where are you going to find your travel nursing assignments? Here is a list of top Wyoming hospitals.

  1. Wyoming Medical Center (previously Mountain View Regional Hospital)
  2. Platte County Memorial Hospital
  3. St. Johns Medical Center
  4. Powell Valley Hospital
  5. Star Valley Medical Center
  6. West Park Hospital District
  7. Sheridan Memorial Hospital
  8. Memorial Hospital of Converse County
  9. Ivinson Memorial Hospital
  10. Evanston Regional Hospital

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Have you lived in Wyoming? What are some other great attractions we should know about? Share with us in the comments!

Author: Amy Mastrangelo

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