Travel Nursing Jobs Remain Steady During a Down Economy

Most of us have seen the news and and are aware of the current state of our economy. Areas like manufacturing and construction have been hit especially hard. Thankfully (and unfortunately) even during the worst of economic times people are still getting sick and the need for qualified professional nursing staff has never been more apparent. With the difficulties involved in recruiting qualified staff many facilities are focusing on travel nursing to fill needs both long and short term needs. Travel nurse companies offer the flexibility and “on-demand” resources that facilities need in order to provide effective care. Travel nurses can take advantage of flexible scheduling, higher than normal pay and benefits and the chance to see the country. Despite the downturn in the economy the need for travel nursing has remained steady and the industry is poised for growth as we enter 2009.

This is a perfect time for nurses to enter the travel nursing industry. Travel nurse agencies are offering great incentives to source top talent and nurses can take advantage of some tremendous opportunities.  For those nurses that have a year of experience as an RN and a good work history, travel nursing may be the answer to “bad economy blues”. Some nurses I know have used travel nursing as a “working vacation”. They work 4 days a week and get to spend the rest of the week touring exotic places like Hawaii, Alaska or taking in the latest Broadway show as a travel nurse in New York. Whereever you want to go, travel nursing will provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to take your skills to the next level.  Using services like Travel Nurse Source will help better your chances as you can apply directly to the nation’s top travel nurse jobs. So what are you waiting for? Apply now to get connected with the travel assignment of your dreams!

Author: Travel Nurse Source

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