Travel Nursing with a Spouse

Traveling alone can be difficult, so why not take someone along with you for the ride? There are many benefits that come with travel nursing with a partner, but this decision also presents its own challenges. Check out these tips for maintaining your relationship and finding job opportunities while travel nursing with a spouse!

Tips for Maintaining Your Relationship while Travel Nursing with a Spouse

1. Spend Enough Time Together

While travel nursing with a spouse, it’s easy to get caught up in your busy schedule. You could be working different hours than your spouse, which can make it difficult to find time for each other. To keep your relationship healthy, it’s important that you set aside time each week for each other. Whether that means meeting up for lunch, scheduling a date night or having a night in, this time together will benefit your relationship and help you wind down from a long work week.

2. …But Not Too Much Time

If you choose to travel with your spouse, spending too much time together could spark some complications in your relationship. Since you probably won’t have many (if any) friends nearby, you’ll be spending extra time with your significant other by default. Depending on your travel choices, you may also be living in close quarters while on assignments. Spending time with your significant other is important, but being together at every spare moment of the day while living in a one bedroom apartment, tiny home or RV may be too much “together” time. Find new friends in the community, take time for your hobbies and get some fresh air.

travel nursing with a spouse

3. Get Enough Sleep

Getting used to new sleep patterns may be the most difficult part for you while travel nursing with a spouse. Hectic schedules and lack of sleep are a recipe for disaster. Being well-rested can eliminate petty fights and irritability. Be sure to get enough sleep so you can improve your mood and feel your best.

Finding Flexible Job Options for Your Spouse

If you decide to take the route of travel nursing with a spouse, the two of you will have to think about how they’ll make a living. Not just any job will allow for constant travel, but here are a few job categories that are perfect for travel nursing with a spouse.

1. Tourism & Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industry provides plenty of travel jobs for your significant other. The hospitality industry has a significantly higher turnover rate than other types of businesses, which means they’re constantly hiring new employees. Working as a server, bartender, host or cook is a great way for your spouse to earn a living throughout your travel nursing assignments.

2. Seasonal Positions

If your spouse isn’t keen on having to quit their job regularly, they should consider applying for seasonal positions. Depending on when and where you travel for your assignments, your spouse will have the option of applying for seasonal jobs during summer or winter months. Ski resorts, country clubs, amusement parks, beaches, recreational facilities and more need extra help throughout the seasons. Townships also hire extra labor to complete construction work during warm months, and they need help managing snowfall during the winter months. Taking on one of these season positions will provide your spouse with short-term employment options without the awkwardness of quitting a position every few months.

3. Telecommuting Jobs

With today’s technology, it’s becoming fairly easy to find jobs online where you can offer your skill set without physically being at a job. Your spouse could find opportunities for telecommuting and freelancing positions within his or her specialty. Taking this route allows them to follow personal ambitions, build a resume and work toward long-term career goals.

If travel nursing with a spouse is right for you, start your job search today! Browse our travel nursing jobs and find an assignment that works for you.

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