Travel Nursing with the Family—It’s Easier Than You’d Think

If you’re anything like me, where you go…your tribe must follow. Whether your “tribe” be your significant other, your two kids, or your french bulldog; there’s no reason not to bring them every step of the way throughout your career’s journey. One of the major concerns that nurses have before considering the travel lifestyle is if it can work with their loved ones in tow. Single parents especially worry about the logistics. The long and short of it is, yes. However, there’s a lot more than has to be put into consideration before signing that contract. When it’s not just your needs that require attention, major details must not be forgotten for others. Think of your traveling nurse assignment as a voyage and yourself as the captain of the ship. If the captain doesn’t steer the crew in the right direction, you can expect there to be some bumpy seas.

The good news? You aren’t alone at sea. And there’s no need to feel like you’re without a paddle. Your travel nursing agency will help you make even the tough planning actually feel kind of easy.

The Things You Need to Consider When Traveling with Family or a Pet

1. Try to find a drivable assignment (if possible.) If you’re going to be with a working partner or spouse and/or a child or two, relying on public transportation and Ubers can be far more challenging. Simple tasks such as midnight grocery runs, errands, running kids to school become a huge ordeal without a vehicle. Plus, it’ll make bringing kids to fun activities in the area much simpler.

2. Figure out school arrangements/daycare for children. Recruiters can be an excellent resource for helping you during the school enrollment process for your children. However, some feel that it is an easier option to do home school or cyber schooling to make the transition easier for their kids. Although some parents solely take on travel nurse assignments in summer months so their kids can come along and get a fun vacation out of the duration of the stay without worrying about their studies. Kids love being able to pack up and move for the summer with their parents during their assignments.

If you will require daycare services to look over your little ones while you work, definitely investigate whether or not the facility you intend on working in has an on-site daycare or ask your recruiter if they can help you find some reputable childcare in the area.

3. Work with the travel nurse agency to find the right housing for your family’s needs. There’s a lot to consider when you are planning for a stay in a new place. Ask your recruiter to make certain you have enough bedrooms, if there’s laundry available onsite, places for the children to go, a safe neighborhood, if it’s pet-friendly, etc.

4. Find doctors/veterinarians ahead of time. Kids and pets are prone to getting sick or injured. You need to not only work with your recruiter to know whether your kids/spouse will be receiving your health benefits but you always want to secure health professionals ahead of time for just in case an emergency strikes. Better safe than sorry!

5. Does if work with your significant other’s lifestyle? Don’t be inconsiderate about your loved one’s career goals or flexibility. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a retired partner, one that works for home, a stay-at-home parent, etc. and it works out for you. Having an open dialogue far in advance about the idea of travel nursing before jumping into anything is key.

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