Travel Nursing with Your Friends? Should You Do It?

Your flight is booked and your bags are packed! You have everything you need for the next several weeks…. except your friends. Should they come? Travel nurses have the exciting ability to constantly journey to new locations. While assignment lengths can vary, they are typically 13 weeks long. Experiencing a new city with a close friend may be exciting, but is it the right choice? Still contemplating if your travel assignment should include your friends? Not to worry! TravelNurseSource is here to offer some advice on travel nursing with your friends, just keep reading!

Advantages of Travel Nursing with your Friends

Nursing with Your Friends

Constant support system

If you choose to embark on a travel nurse assignment with your friends, perhaps one of the largest advantages is that you have the constant support and guidance of your friends. After long and difficult shifts it always helps to have the people who know you best around. Friends can also help to offer advice with work-related problems, homesickness, or any other difficulty you may be facing.

Exploring together

An exciting benefit of travel nursing is the ability to experience a new city. However, living in an unfamiliar city without any family or friends can be intimidating and nerve-racking. Travel nursing with your friends not only gives you a sense of security in a new city, but also provides a great way to explore together. Enjoy testing out your neighborhood coffee shops and visiting local attractions together!

Housing dilemmas solved

When you are traveling to a new area, figuring out your housing arrangements can be stressful. Depending on your agency, you may be in charge of finding your own place to live. Traveling with your friends can easily eliminate the stress of needing to find a roommate, help make your transition as smooth as possible, as well as lower rent costs.

Disadvantages of Travel Nursing with your friend

Full-Time job and full time friends…?

Before you leave it is important to consider how much free time you will have to dedicate to both your job and friends. Most likely assignments will be a full-time position, if not more with added overtime hours. While it may be comforting to be surrounded by your friends, your main focus is your job. Understand what is expected of you from your agency so you can decide if surrounding yourself with friends while on your travel assignment is the right call.

Same city… but different assignments

Perhaps you decided to accept a travel nurse assignment that is different than your friends, but still in the same city. This decision could greatly impact how you envisioned your stay. Likely your duties, job tasks, and work schedules will be different than your friends. Mismatching schedules may become frustrating to deal with. Before packing your bags ask yourself what kind of experience did you envision? Do you hope to see your friends and eat dinner with them a few times a week? Or, are you okay with having potentially conflicting schedules? Understanding what environment best is best for you will help improve your stay while away!

New city, but no new friends

Traveling to a new area for a nursing assignment, though intimidating, is a perfect way to meet new people and gain new friendships. Often times you will be working closely with your peers in a team. However, having the comfort of your friends in the same city as you may prevent you from forming new friendships. Before leaving, ask yourself if you think this would impact your time away?

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