Travel Nursing Without Borders: Expanding Your Horizons

Have you ever heard of Doctors Without Borders? Doctors Without Borders is a medical NGO. This organization offers help to countries affected by endemics and provides medical care to people in conflict or war zones. Doctors Without Borders is a French organization. Its French name is Médecins Sans Frontières, which is sometimes shortened to MSF.

The program does not receive government funding. Instead, funding comes from private donors and some corporate donations. Doctors Without Borders’ mission is to provide medical care to anyone in need, regardless of their identities. They even won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1999! Doctors Without Borders is a great organization that not only provides opportunities for physicians but other healthcare professionals as well. They also have a great Nurses Without Borders program that offers nurses the opportunity to help those in need while travel nursing without borders!

travel nursing without borders

What is Travel Nursing Without Borders?

There are several different roles that nurses can take on through Nurses Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders has opportunities for nurses in general, OR nurses, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners. Nurses working within the program coordinate medical activities, supervise and train staff, and support policies. Travel nursing without borders requires nurses to provide hands-on medical care only in dire situations. Their main responsibility is to supervise facilities and medical services. This includes making sure there are enough materials and administering proper training. The most important aspect of travel nursing without borders is that you will not have as many direct-patient duties. However, you will be making a radical difference in the lives of so many people by ensuring that medical operations go smoothly.

How To Apply

In order to work as a travel nurse without borders, you need to have a certain level of prior experience. There are “essential requirements” to work for Doctors Without Borders. You need to be available to work for a minimum of 9 months. You also need to have prior work experience in the humanitarian field. Like many travel nursing positions, you also need to have at least 3 years of professional experience. Because Nurses Without Borders is looking for supervisors, you need to have some form of supervising, teaching, or training experience. French language skills are not a requirement, but they do make you a more desirable candidate. This is because many of the countries that Doctors Without Borders travel to are French-speaking.

You can apply online by filling out an application once you make sure you meet the essential requirements. After Doctors Without Borders receives your application, they may ask you for an interview. You will have either a phone interview or an in-person interview. Someone will contact you within four weeks of submitting your application. Next, you might attend an “information day” in which you will be trained to work for MSF. The last step is the “active field staff pool”. Once you are in the pool, you may be sent to further training. After your training is complete, you will begin working whenever the program needs you!

Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing Without Borders

One of the best parts about travel nursing without borders is the sense of adventure! Not only will you be traveling and working at the same time, but you will also be in underserved areas. Anything can happen, and although there are dependent security measures, you will definitely be in the midst of an adventure! The other great thing about Nurses Without Borders is the opportunity to help those in need. As a nurse, you are always helping others. But as a travel nurse working with Nurses Without Borders, you will be helping those who would otherwise not receive medical attention. You will also have the chance to learn about their culture, lives, and history along the way.

Are you interested in Nurses Without Borders? Maybe you want to be a travel nurse but would like to start your journey in the U.S. Browse our amazing travel nursing positions and apply today!

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